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Your FLOCK is joining the Machine Learning Sector We’ve got some exciting news to share! Your FLOCK is now officially entering the Machine Learning sector! After spending long hours working [...]

Values, Strengths or Motivations – you decide. For FLOCK – the remote work team development system

Hi FLOCKERS. From Dan Sodergren. As you may or may not know – last year I invested in FLOCK – an HR tech start up that pivoted into the remote teams space during covid. But I don’t [...]

20 Motivational and Inspiring Company Culture Quotes We Love – Every Leader Should Read!

As you know we love to help shape your company culture! Company culture is what differentiates a company, service or product from another. Experiences, assumptions, relationships and emotional [...]

Raising Engagement & Productivity of Remote Working Culture.

Recently we organised a VIP roundtable event and invited leading Operations Directors and HR experts to discuss opportunities and challenges arising from managing remote workforce with this in [...]

10 Top Workplace Lessons learned From COVID-19 – Shaping Our Company Culture.

10 Top Workplace Lessons learned From COVID-19 and Remote Working – Shaping Our Company Culture will discuss: The top 10 workplace lessons FLOCK have learnt.  Problems and obstacles we have [...]

The Post-Pandemic Work Transition- What HR and Leaders Should Be Thinking About

The Post-Pandemic Work Transition will discuss: Safety measures to be considered when going back to work.  Employee wellbeing  Agile working    As COVID-19 government restrictions start to [...]

What is Company Culture And what Does it Mean to you? Example, Definition and Quotes From FLOCK Because Company Culture Matters.

What is Company culture (the modern HR buzzword)? You’ve probably heard the C word a lot lately, but in times of crisis it is vital for teams to work together and at their best. Each [...]

The Old World is Changing. And so is FLOCK…From Today!

7 Top Tips- How to Improve your WIFI Signal Working From Home

Wifi Problems Working from Home Working from home (WFH) in your comfy chair is all fun and games until technology goes wrong. Before COV-19 we had the luxury of sharing an office with the I.T [...]

FlOCK’s Monday Meeting- Be Conscious of Your Communication!

Today is an exciting day for FLOCK as our CEO Michal returns to work from being on furlough. COV-19 has added pressure on many remote working teams- as you can imagine it hasn’t been ideal [...]

#BlackLivesMatter – What Did Your Employer Do?

Yesterday, like many Black people, on and off #LinkedIn. I was cross. And I was angry. So I went on a #socialmedia strike. In solidarity with #BlackOutTuesday for #BlackLivesMatter. But today, [...]

Thursday Thoughts From FLOCK- Listen to Music When Working from Home!

To start my remote working day with FLOCK, I make myself a coffee, turn my laptop on and then read the news. Today, little to my knowledge is Kylie Minogue’s birthday! Of course, from this I [...]

In Times Of Working From Home – Kindness is Key! Does Kindness Begin With Your Company Culture?

For those of you who follow FLOCK on social media, you may have noticed by name, Sophia Rimmer creeping up this week on posts regarding remote working. That is because I have recently joined the [...]

3 Top Tips for Recruiting Remotely

Working remotely provides a lot benefits to a business. It doesn’t only help you open up your candidate market when you are recruiting but also provides a number of financial benefits like [...]

5-Step Going Remote Guide: how to help your team work from home productively

We live in surreal times of global pandemic. The virus has been spreading globally and as a result many organisations began to work from home almost overnight! It can be challenging if your team [...]

Workplace culture – Do we really need a dog in the office?

So, what exactly is workplace culture? It’s a difficult question to answer, because honestly, there are many different answers! In our opinion, it can best be described as the common things that [...]

Employee engagement and communication at digital agencies

Employee engagement at digital agencies is more important than ever. Turnover is at an all time high and costs the industry around £184 million a year. Improving engagement is something which can [...]

Company Culture and Mental Health at Digital Agencies

It’s #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, and here at FLOCK, we’re looking at the impact that work-life balance and company culture can have on mental health. This topic is being discussed now more [...]

What is great culture? (and why is it important?)

          A great team has 3 foundations, and if any one is missing, the company won’t stand: A strong leader, respected by the rest of the team – in our case Simon, our [...]

The Puzzle of Motivation

Inspiring content (video below) We’ve recently found an amazing TED Talk by Dan Pink which breaks down our own motivations and refers to science to ultimately make the case that a sole [...]

How modern technology can be used to improve company culture

How modern technology can be used to improve company culture As the modern workforce continues to evolve, one of the biggest challenges companies face is building an attractive company culture. [...]

Flock is Growing… Our New Member – Sandy Lindsay MBE!

Our Flock is Growing A flock becomes a flock only once it reaches its critical mass. We cannot call ourselves a flock if there are not at least three of us… This is why we are extremely happy to [...]

What is the employee experience and why is it important?

  Employee Experience (EX) has emerged as a major trend in HR in recent years. Rather than narrowly focusing on employee engagement and culture, businesses are taking the entire employee [...]

How improving your company culture will increase employee performance

Do you seek to create an engaged culture but you are worried about performance?   In the digital age, with more millennials joining the workforce, employees expect a productive, engaging, [...]


Why we chose Macawly in the first place… It took me ages to find the right name for my company. At the time, I wasn’t exactly sure what the company would do in the future. I decided to call [...]

How to Build a Strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP)?

Could you imagine being part of an organisation that sells itself? Attraction is easy, retention is the norm and you and your colleagues enjoy coming to work. Creating a strong internal and [...]

Toni leaves Macawly to focus on his own project

Why Toni is leaving Macawly? It has been an intense and exciting 6 months at Macawly with Toni managing the marketing for Macawly and we all enjoyed working with him. However, he can’t commit all [...]

Top 5 Ted Talks about Culture and Leadership at a Workplace.

We love sharing quality content with our audience. We have listed some of the best Ted Talks about Culture, Leadership, and Diversity at work. We hope you enjoy them and become as inspired as we [...]


Building a passionate workforce for Dsposal Who are they? Dsposal is a Manchester based company with a vision to revolutionise the waste industry by using technology to connect waste producers to [...]


Who is MountDigital? MountDigital is a Manchester based award-winning digital marketing agency. They offer a full spectrum of digital marketing services but particularly specialise in paid [...]

Toni Navarro, named as a new CMO of Macawly

We´re beyond excited to be naming Toni Navarro as a CMO of Macawly, and we´re so looking forward to be making a difference with him in the company. Who and how is Toni Navarro? Toni is [...]

Why the Psychometric Testing Industry Needs to Change

Why the Psychometric Testing Industry Needs to Change   Psychometric testing has been used since the 19th century. Today, the majority of employers believe that psychometric tests can [...]

3 UK businesses that got the company culture right

Businesses can go only as far as their people can take them. Getting the company culture right is always a hot topic when discussing accomplishments of successful companies. Silicon Valley [...]

What Is Culture Fit?

Person-Organisation Fit Cultural fit is not actually as complicated as the concept of culture itself (there are over 150 different definitions of culture because it is a multi-levelled concept). [...]

MACAWLY – Why are we here and why the weird name?

The spark MACAWLY’s story started off with my own personal story. I found myself in a job where he did not identify myself with co-workers or even with what my company stood for. Yet, in the [...]

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