Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters Now For Modern Marketing. And for us all….

Did you know that in one global study by IPSOS. 72% of people stated they felt most advertising does not reflect the world around them. Or that globally only 2% of people working in marketing are [...]

Introducing Kai Ojo – the lead the MPA #DiversityAndInclusion Board.

As you may know – we love to sing our users’ triumphs from the rooftops especially if around diversity and inclusion and making the world a better place.  So this week we are [...]

Kai Ojo to take over to lead the MPA #DiversityAndInclusion Board. From Dan Sodergren of www.YourFLOCK.co.uk

As you may know – since last October. I have had the opportunity. To volunteer to lead the diversity and inclusion steering group at the MPA. This has been a non paid role on my own time. [...]

Why Your Company Culture is so important to map RIGHT now.

How long before you feel like: “How engaged are my employees or other team members?” How engaged are they really? As a leader of a team and a business you have to answer this. And YOU [...]