Your FLOCK Research

Your FLOCK helps team leaders develop more engaged teams and increase overall employee engagement and retention.

Originally based on pioneering methodologies from Stanford and Manchester University. This is now a proven product in the market place.

Employee Engagement is key.

Our users have an average 23% improvement in employee retention over a year.

People use Your FLOCK to flag those that aren't engaging with the company.

Your FLOCK Feedback

On average, our teams raise employee engagement by 10% in the first 3 months of using Your FLOCK. As their teams can give them the feedback they need to. So they can check on how to improve as a team.

Your Core Values

Using Your FLOCK creates an average cost savings of £150K a year for a business of 20 employees. As did you know... 34% of people leave their job due to company culture misalignment.

Your FLOCK Activities

46% of UK workers say their companies training opportunities make them more inclined to stay in their current job.

Specially built by our Learning and Development professionals and recommended by Machine Learning, our activities help increase employee engagement.

“Thanks to YourFLOCK we can really understand how our team works
and how to help them work better
as we work from home”

Ryan Walker,
Area City Leader at Virgin Money UK

Companies Using YourFLOCK

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