Your FLOCK Research

Based on pioneering methodology from Stanford and Manchester University, Your FLOCK was built to help businesses develop cohesive and productive company cultures.

Your Core Values

34% of people leave their job due to company culture misalignment. Working in line with Your core values helps You become happier and more productive at work.

Your FLOCK Activities

Specially built by our Learning and Development professionals and recommended by Machine Learning, our activities align with Your core values and Your team supporting You whilst working from home.

Compare With Others

People working from home and remote working are not always able to get to know their colleagues deeply. This feature helps strengthen individual bonds between those who are working remotely.

Your FLOCK Results

Ensure your remote team improves together whilst they work from home with the ability to check on how things can be improved.

“Thanks to YourFLOCK we can really understand how our team works
and how to help them work better
as we work from home”

Ryan Walker,
Area City Leader at Virgin Money UK

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