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Transform Your Hybrid Work Culture with Your FLOCK's Employee Feedback Survey

Revolutionise your hybrid working company culture with Your FLOCK - the ground-breaking employee feedback platform designed in collaboration with Stanford and Manchester universities, to create happier leaders, more satisfied and productive teams, and to help employees thrive in the era of hybrid work.

Boost Cost Savings and Achieve Happier Bottom Lines.

Experience significant cost savings averaging £100K per year for businesses with 20 employees. Your FLOCK helps reduce turnover and enhance company culture alignment, ensuring your remote and on-site team members stay engaged, productive, and committed to your values and shared motivations.

Elevate Team Leaders and Build Happier Teams

Team leaders utilising Your FLOCK notice increased team engagement and retention, leading to more content and efficient teams overall. Our intuitive online platform identifies areas of improvement. Which leads to increased team cohesion at times of hybrid working.

Strengthen Team Feedback and Bolster Team Happiness

Overcome hybrid work challenges related to team cohesion and communication with Your FLOCK. Get insights into your team members' individual motivations and customise your hybrid work approach. Provide the right support for your team, no matter their location.

Tailor Team Training and Create a Happier Workforce

Your FLOCK offers learning and development activities, informed by machine learning algorithms, that align with individual motivations and cater to your team's unique requirements in a hybrid work environment. Embrace Your FLOCK today and unlock the secret to a happier and more successful team in the age of hybrid work.

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How much is a lack of feedback from your employees costing your business?

“Thanks to YourFLOCK we can really understand how our team works
and how to help them work better
as we work from home”

Ryan Walker,
Area City Leader at Virgin Money UK

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