Preston’s College keeps employee turnover at 0% in 6 months with Your FLOCK

Your FLOCK helped us support our managers and enabled further professional development of employees

– Gill Thornton, Human Resource Team Leader, Preston’s College


Preston’s College takes great pride in supporting all of its learners to achieve the qualifications and outcomes they need, alongside the technical skills, knowledge, and experience that employers and universities are looking for.

It is their mission to help make learners the most employable and to thrive in their chosen careers.


Preston’s College already invested in Employee Development Programmes but was looking for another solution that would be more personalised to each individual based on what they are really motivated by. 

They were looking for a solution that would help team leaders to better understand their teams’ strengths and weaknesses. Allowing them to use that information to implement the ongoing development of their staff.

So as a result, employees are happier at work and they are retained in the College.

Example Feedback Report from Your FLOCK.




Preston’s College signed up to Your FLOCK in June 2021. 

We first used our 5-Minutes Research-Based Survey derived at The University of Manchester to identify the core values of each individual and each team to find out what motivates them the most at work.

Then, we share it with team leaders and collected 1-Minute Weekly Feedback from the team uniquely tailored to each individual.

On the back of the feedback, we sent Bi-Weekly 1-Page Reports to each team leader with an overview of team engagement and action plans for 1-2-1s with employees that require their support.



After 6 months of using Your FLOCK we are proud to announce that:

  • Employee turnover minimised to only 0% (when the industry average is 16%)
  • Suggested 26 1-2-1s for team engagement improvement
  • Generated 24 comments on behaviours people recognise as more engaging.

Minimising employee turnover from industry average (7%) to 0% created a cost-saving of over £150,000/year for Preston’s College by minimising hiring, onboarding, and management costs.

COVID was and still is particularly challenging in the education sector and adds additional strain on staff to create new processes to stay safe on top of their usual (and usually intense) schedule to teach.

We are very happy that we were able to support Preston’s College during those challenging times and we are very happy to see the company go from strength to strength.

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