Sixth Sense uses Your FLOCK to measure impact of work with a clients and delivers a measurable improvement in employee engagement

Your FLOCK is incredibly simple to use. It helped to improve our clients’ employee engagement and helped us start different conversations in our coaching sessions.

Chris Welford, Co-Founder, Sixth Sense



Sixth Sense is a business psychology boutique consultancy run by Chris Welford and Jackie Sykes

They have a tonne of experience and have been helping organisations brush up their skills in listening, coaching, and conflict management. They are also authors of two fantastic books called Staying Sane in Business: A practical guide to sanity, success and satisfaction at work, and Mind Body Balance in Business: A New Approach to Resilience at Work


Sixth Sense has won a contract for a series of workshops designed to improve engagement and re-skill employees across a department in a large, multinational corporation with 40,000+ employees working in the tech industry with over £4BN revenue.

They identified two challenges ahead of the commencement of work:

  1. Being able to measure the impact/success of the work delivered on employee engagement
  2. Making sure that team leaders execute on the objectives to improve employee engagement set out in workshops and have the necessary tools to do so

This is an example report from our team – Your FLOCK




Sixth Sense suggested that the client uses Your FLOCK to build the benchmark of existing employee engagement and then record its evolution and the company agreed to do so.

We first used our 5-Minutes Research-Based Survey derived from research at The University of Manchester to identify the core values of each individual to find out what motivates them the most at work.

Then, we collected 1-Minute Weekly Feedback from the team uniquely tailored to each individual to measure how employee engagement changed over time.

On the back of the feedback, we sent Weekly 1-Page Reports to each team leader with an overview of team engagement and action plans for 1-2-1s with employees that require their support.



After 1 month of using Your FLOCK we are proud to announce that we created an employee engagement benchmark and provided team leaders with tools necessary to better lead their team memebrs:

  • We improved the overall employee engagement by 3% from 79% to 82%. 
  • Suggested 19 1-2-1s for team engagement improvement
  • Generated 23 comments on behaviours people recognise as more engaging.

We are very impressed with the results above. We firmly believe that Sixth Sense is excellent and we are proud that we were able to provide them with a tool to help them track client’s employee engagement and provide the ongoing support necessary to drive results.

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