Introducing Dr Emma Langman FRSA of BakerFish

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Introducing Dr Emma Langham FRSA of BakerFishEmma is one of our favs at YourFLOCK.

Not just because she has said some lovely things about our product and introduces us to some awesome people and amazing companies. But also as she knows what she is talking about.

As she is a Leadership and Change Management specialist.

Who helps people to see systems and think and act ethically accordingly. She is great at being a challenging coach, an effective facilitator, and being your best friend in business.

Dr Emma Langman. 

As you can see above she has a whole range of skills. So you can imagine all the other things she does that compliment these skills. As she works in: 

  • Talent Management, 
  • Performance Management, 
  • Professional Speaking, 
  • Mental Health,
  •  SPC, Deming, Lean Sigma, Business Improvement, 
  • Strategy Mapping, 
  • Effectiveness Reviews, 
  • Coaching and company culture 
  • Coaching Supervision,
  • Asset Management, 
  • Strategy and Diversity

As well as being a Non Executive Director, Engineer, Consultant and Manager. She is also a team leader that uses YourFLOCK at her company Bakerfish. 



Are a small, but growing, consultancy in Lymm. They’ve got ambitious plans and high  expectations but they are also extremely compassionate and sensible. They support businesses to help them get the best from their people, processes and systems, and as they say themselves – 

“We’re flippin’ good at it!” 

Hearing all this you wouldn’t be surprised that their values in there perfectly formed team are: 

  • Caring 
  • Adaptability 
  • Teamwork

And they have a high alignment score of 83 / 100!

And an employee Happiness Score of 93%. 

So Bakerfish are a great place to work for.  With high employee engagement. Which is not surprising with team leaders like Emma. As at Bakerfish they work with clients by becoming long-term “best friend” to organisations (and individuals within them). 

As they say: 

“A real best friend. Not the sycophantic one. The one that tells you that your strategy is unrealistic and people will burn out…. the one that tells you that your bum does indeed look big in that… the one who listens to you pour out your heart about trying to be a parent and an employee, and then helps you work out how to manage your time. The one who knows about your Imposter Syndrome and reminds you that you are brilliant after all. And the one who points out when you are approaching the summit of Mount Stupid and reminds you to listen to the opinions of others. That friend. The friend who challenges, comforts, champions, encourages and helps you change and grow. And the one who loves nothing more than to see your success!”

THAT friend. That’s who we are.”

And you can’t argue with that. We also love Emma’s quote, in passing said, about our product whilst she was introducing us to someone great which was…

“Even though I only have 7 team members, [Your FLOCK] really is helping me to be a better people manager (and frees up my brain to think about other things) Because the people stuff doesn’t come so naturally to me.”

It is this kinda honesty and self awareness that means we could write a book on why Emma and people like her are the types of team leaders we all need. Find out more about Emma Baker-Langman on 

And if you would like to use YourFLOCK – for your team’s happiness – you can sign up for Your FLOCK FOR FREE here until the end of the year.

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