What is Company Culture And what Does it Mean to you? Example, Definition and Quotes From FLOCK Because Company Culture Matters.

What is Company culture (the modern HR buzzword)? You’ve probably heard the C word a lot lately, but in times of crisis it is vital for teams to work together and at their best. Each [...]

The Old World is Changing. And so is FLOCK…From Today!

7 Top Tips- How to Improve your WIFI Signal Working From Home

Wifi Problems Working from Home Working from home (WFH) in your comfy chair is all fun and games until technology goes wrong. Before COV-19 we had the luxury of sharing an office with the I.T [...]

Your FLOCK’s Monday Meeting- Be Conscious of Your Communication!

Today is an exciting day for FLOCK as our CEO Michal returns to work from being on furlough. COV-19 has added pressure on many remote working teams- as you can imagine it hasn’t been ideal [...]

#BlackLivesMatter – What Did Your Employer Do?

Yesterday, like many Black people, on and off #LinkedIn. I was cross. And I was angry. So I went on a #socialmedia strike. In solidarity with #BlackOutTuesday for #BlackLivesMatter. But today, [...]