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What is Company culture (the modern HR buzzword)?

You’ve probably heard the C word a lot lately, but in times of crisis it is vital for teams to work together and at their best. Each individual in a team encompasses a unique set of core values, beliefs and behaviours which all shape organisational or company culture. Company culture is the personality of a company, the physical, social and psychological environment we work.  Therefore, when I ask the question “what does it mean to you?” no doubt, I’ll receive a variety of responses. There are over 150 definitions of organisational culture as it is complex and exists on many levels; from core values to policies, behaviours, and symbols. For me, it is about everybody working together in harmony.

Today I asked FLOCK’s leaders CEO and CIO the question “what does company culture mean to you?”. 

Michal Wisniewski, CEO:

“Company culture is the unique way people agree to work, collaborate, and interact because they believe that this is the best way of doing so to help them fulfill their vision.”

Dan Sodergren, CIO:

Company culture is key as without shared values employees cannot be the very best they can be. It’s deeper than people think.

It’s not about brand values and marketing slogans on the walls. It is the shared understanding of individuals that form high performing teams.

So, for a successful company a strong aligned company culture is key… Especially when working from home and doing remote work

As a team, we all share the thought, company culture matters. And it should matter to you. The word “shared” and those related continuously appear throughout our communication and this is not a coincidence. It is the key to building prosperous teams. Sharing promotes engagement and heightens the feeling of being valued. As a response, employees are more likely to be more productive. Happy employees are productive employees, who work at a faster pace. Therefore, worth the investment for companies to build and nourish their culture.

About FLOCK 

FLOCK is an online tool that helps businesses shape their company culture. You can utilise FLOCK to investigate and understand remote teams. And to help people, business owners, and HR managers support individuals to create more productive teams whilst working from home. Find out more at www.yourflock.co.uk.

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