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In theses times of remote working – there is a great saying… The times “they are a changing.” And I don’t know about you, but during my lifetime, I have never seen such a period of change. Be that #Covid, political, racial or even technological. Lots is changing and rather rapidly. As….

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So to NOT change during such a time of change would be totally against the times.

And against the shared values of our remote working team.

We here at FLOCK (an #HR #tech SAAS company for remote teams) are all customer focused as one of our main values in our profiles and so we asked our customers what they wanted us to do.

One thing they wanted us to do was to react.

And to focus on a core need of theirs. So this is what we did.

“We doubled down.”


And so the new FLOCK survey is due to be released. It is made for remote working and remote workers. It’s easier to do. It can be done fully online. It doesn’t need a face to face explanation or consultation. We went online for these. Creating new workshops and webinars to teach larger organisations what their combined results meant.

For individuals, the key understanding and take homes are now reinforced by managerial tips which help them working from home.

We pivoted.

We turned FLOCK into a tool for hard working, working from home, remote working teams.

But another thing had to change too.


We had to change our marketing message. Not just for a week with #BlackLIvesMatter – which I have blogged about that. As we are an amazingly diverse team. So we don’t just do diversity for marketing purposes.

We are diverse. And not just in race. But sex and age and neuro diversity. It makes FLOCK a better product as well as us a better team.  And heck even better people.

We show this in who we allow to with and for us THIS IS intrinsically linked to our product and our values. Black lives matter for more than a week. And this isn’t going to change…


We could have changed our logo – but we internally and externally found that the logo communicated our essence. Our marketing values of passion, collaboration and uniqueness. It’s a heck of a lot of colours but…

What else could we change? The idea came from our newest team member, a wonderful graphic design, content creator and marketeer called Sophia Rimmer. Our old strapline was either:

“for remote working teams”

or “as birds of a feather….”

One showcasing our market the other linking into the reason why we changed our name from MACAAWLY to FLOCK (and www.yourFLOCK.co.uk)

But the old strapline – had connotations with togetherness that just wasn’t right with the new world of social distancing and remote working so … she that looked at our old strapline and thought…..


No alt text provided for this imageStraplines are important. But so are your customers’ opinions.

So we thought of around 20 different lines we liked the sound of.

Then boiled this down through the process of democratic team votes to 4 and then used social media and our customers to decide a winner.

We asked on Twitter to start off with and then followed up on LinkedIn. As well as asking our customers through email.

A huge thanks to everyone that voted…


1. Company Culture Matters

2. Holistically helping Remote Teams be Happy

3. Remote Working Cultures Quantified

4. Remote Company Culture Built with Science


With more than 75% of the votes on al the different platforms combined ….

YOU have chosen

Our new Your FLOCK strapline…

To be….

Company Culture Matters.

Which personally I love and as Sophia Rimmer rightly says:

“ We think “Company Culture Matters” helps portray our #vision  and #companyculture. Company culture is something we have always been passionate about and therefore, we will continue to portray this message throughout our work, #communication and #branding.”

So this is a BIG change for us and an important one. So …

Huge thanks from us all at FLOCK for helping us make this change.

It was the right time for it.

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