Increase profitability by up to 21%

Flock enables your team to collaborate and engage more effectively. More engaged teams are found to be 21% more profitable than their peers (Gallup Q12 Meta-Analysis, 2016)

Avoid bad hire costs of up to 300% of first year salary

Bad hires don’t only affect the job itself but the entire team and company productivity. Those costs can add up to 300% of base salary! (Recruitment & Employment Confederation, 2017)

Increase retention by up to 59%

Highly engaged teams in low-turnover organisations are found to stay longer with their employer when compared with their peers (Gallup Q12 Meta-Analysis, 2016).

Join The FLOCK

At FLOCK, we believe that each business is unique, drives success through collaboration, and should achieve it by working with long-lasting committed employees. Birds of a feather flock together…

Recruit Best-Fit Candidates – finding & developing top talent

89% of the time employees fail due to their attitude rather than hard skill. ‘I don’t like company culture’ is one of the top reasons for new hires to leave work.

With FLOCK, you can screen your candidates and make sure you know how diverse or similar they are before they join. So you can collaborate with them with the most collaborative and productive way!


Measure Company Culture

Purpose-driven organisations outperform their competitors in stock price by a factor of 12. 

FLOCK technology measures organisational culture and spots learning and development opportunities for performance reviews for teams to find better ways of collaborating and engaging!

You can also company team cultures across your organisation to improve interdepartmental collaboration.

Culture in Real-Time – Coming soon!

More engaged teams bring, on average, 22% more profit. 

FLOCK provides AI Real-Time insights of current employee experiences, culture, and productivity based on data from Slack – no surveys required!

Simply integrate your Slack channel with FLOCK technology, collect anonymised data in real time, and measure the real engagement based on employee behaviour, no more surveys! Enjoy effective action plans to increase productivity.