Increase profitability by up to 21%

Your Flock enables your team to collaborate and engage more effectively. More engaged teams are found to be 21% more profitable than their peers

(Gallup Q12 Meta-Analysis, 2016)

Avoid bad hire costs of up to 300% of first year salary

Bad hires don’t only affect the job itself but the entire team and company productivity. Those costs can add up to 300% of base salary!

(Recruitment & Employment Confederation, 2017)

Increase retention by up to 59%

Highly engaged teams in low-turnover organisations are found to stay longer with their employer when compared with their peers

(Gallup Q12 Meta-Analysis, 2016).

FLOCK services

Culture-Based Recruitment

89% of the time employees fail due to their attitude rather than hard skill. ‘I don’t like company culture’ is one of the top reasons for new hires to leave work.

Screen your candidates and gain the following benefits:

  • Quicker & data-driven hiring decisions
  • Find out how candidates add value to your team
  • Identify their strengths
  • Set development opportunities to let them grow and engage with your unique culture.

Company Culture Analysis

Purpose-driven organisations outperform their competitors in stock price by a factor of 12. 

FLOCK technology analyses organisational culture and identifies critical growth opportunities. Culture assessment adds value to the following activities:

  • Improving team performance,
  • Supporting a culture change process,
  • Ahead of large team collaboration projects,
  • Ahead of a merger or acquisition.
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