Increase Performance

Map your company culture and identify business opportunities to build value-driven teams driving engagement and performance of your company.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Working with people who share our values makes us happier and more productive. Make sure your employees share your company core values.

Save Time
and Reduce Costs

We will save you a lot of time… Our assessments are quick, intuitive, research-based, and will allow you to make data-driven decisions.

Increase Employee

People who identify themselves with what your company stands for stay at their jobs for longer. Our method helps to foster a culture fit that increases employee retention.

Join The Flock

At Flock, we believe that each business is unique, drives success through collaboration, and should achieve it by working with long-lasting committed employees. Birds of a feather flock together…

Culture Report

Managing Change & Culture

Only 25% of organisations audit their cultures. Often, when it is too late. Purpose-driven organisations outperform their competitors in stock price by a factor of 12. The absence of coherent core values within an organisation is likely to create a great difficulty in motivating employees and setting the company on a course to success.

Flock technology allows companies to pro-actively map organisational culture to spot learning and development opportunities necessary to increase performance.

Flock provides a flexible solution which can help with

  • Diagnosis of the existing company culture,

  • Deriving the desired company culture,

  • Monitoring the cultural evolution.

combined outputs allow companies to create an actionable cultural transition plan. ensuring optimum success.

Selection and Integration

Core values are what defines the DNA of cultures. It is well documented that values directly relate to performance, work commitment, and retention.

20 years ago McKinsey’s War for Talent emphasised the need to attract and nurture your employees. In the age of short candidate pools and competition for talent at all levels, it is extremely important to be creative in finding new employees. 89% of the time employees fail due to their attitude rather than hard skill. ‘I don’t like company culture’ is one of the top reasons for new hires to leave work.

With Flock, you can screen your candidates and make sure your new employees are motivated by the same core values, stay at your company for longer, and become high-performers.

Team Collaboration

Value-driven organisations are 12 more valuable on the stock market than their peers. More engaged teams bring, on average, 22% more profit. 

The most productive teams have a diverse group of individuals with various personalitites and skills who are all motivated by the same purpose. Having a coherent set of core motivations allows employees to put their differences aside in order to achieve a common goal.

Flock technology allows you to see how cultures within teams across your organisation fit together. By being able to relate individual and team values, Flock provides a structured framework which facilitates further engagement and team-building process.