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Based on Michal Wisniewski’s research, Your Flock methods measure a Person-Organisation Fit (PO). The latest research shows that PO has a significant correlation with:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Work commitment
  • Retention

Our methods are unlike any other commercially available solutions. We create unique culture profiles for companies, business units & individuals accommodating for the relative importance of values.

The culture fit assessment matches people and organisations together based on their core values and motivations.

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Some More Information On Your FLOCK. 

  • Your FLOCK is the world’s 1st engagement platform based on values.
  • You can join our waiting list and VIP on the guest list.
  • And… Use Your FLOCK before your competition.
  • Use Your FLOCK before anyone else in the list.
  • With our NEW pilot scheme
  • Your FLOCK is remote first .
  • Not remote forced. It’s made for online teams that work remotely.
  • Your FLOCK is not anonymous.
  • You want real feedback from real people. Not just data.
  • Your FLOCK is not based on c-suite down company cultures.
  • Your FLOCK is based on your team mates’ values. Not slogans.
  • Your FLOCK is not for large corporations. 
  • It for businesses of 15 – 50 people. Or for teams in larger organisations.

Sound like Your kinda thang – then find out how it all works at 

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