Do You Have a High Performing Legal Team?

This Scorecard has been designed to spotlight your strengths and to highlight areas of improvement.

We saved IMD Solicitors over £100,000 a year.

44%* down to a 8% employee turnover rate.

‘Your FLOCK helped us to understand our team better and create a culture that retains top employees.‘

Marcin Durlak, Managing Director, IMD,

We save money for teams like yours.

Find out how much employee churn is costing Your company. People leaving your team can cost more than 33% of their salary.

How Does It Work?

Your FLOCK helps team leaders develop more engaged teams and increase overall employee engagement and retention.

Originally based on pioneering methodologies from Stanford and Manchester University. This is now a proven product in the market place.

Saving Money = Happier bosses.

Using Your FLOCK creates an average cost savings of £150K a year for a business of 20 employees. As did you know... 34% of people leave their job due to company culture misalignment.

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