COVID-19 Response

How Your FLOCK have responded to coronavirus (COVID-19) – Now, more than ever, company culture matters

COVID-19 the global pandemic has affected us all in different ways. Many of us are now unable to work. Some of us have been forced to adapt to new remote ways of working. And, others under great pressure to perform as key workers help fight the crisis every day. No matter what your role in society, we all share the same worry every day, are we going to survive?

 Without the NHS our healthcare system and many other health resources available, we may not be sitting reading this today. At FLOCK, we wanted to give something back to the community and say thank you. To do this, throughout COVID-19 we have offered our service and online SaaS platform completely free to healthcare and health manufacture organisations. We will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. 

FLOCK has been designed to support teams and help build company culture. We listen, understand and evaluate individual’s core values. Which may not seem so essential right now, but communication is key in the workplace. FLOCK wants to help health care workers, work as efficiently, productive and happy as possible.  

We have already reached out to many healthcare professionals and offered our services since the start of COVID-19. December 2019, we worked with healthcare manufacturers PAXMAN. Kathy Morris, culture and learning development manager at PAXMAN said:

At a critical time for our business, having FLOCK has been essential in helping us identify our organisational culture and value set. It will be vital in our entire talent management process going forward – helping us recruit best-fit candidates, provide targeted development for our teams and to identify high potential  for the future. Easy to use with clear, no nonsense reports – we love it!”

We would like to continue to help. If this message reaches any healthcare organisations and you feel you could benefit from FLOCK, please get in touch. 

We have been also offering help to any small company who needs extra support engaging their team. We understand in difficult times filled with uncertainty, we all need to stick together and support each other. You can further read about our work on the Prolific North website “All the amazing things that Northern companies are doing to help struggling businesses”. 

Since COVID-19, we at FLOCK have seen an uplift in new users now that more companies are operating remotely. We have also noticed increased hiring activity in public sectors such as manufactures of food and health-related products, grocery shops and tech businesses. Which we hope will reach out to us to support the recruitment process. 

Josh Peachey from Prolific North said:

“Tech solutions, such as FLOCK were designed to improve working processes and boost productivity irrespective of the lockdown restrictions we’re now dealing with. Companies that adopt these software solutions now, especially if they hadn’t previously, are likely to continue using them well after lockdown has ended for the simple reason that embracing productivity-software can save time, freeing up employees to do less admin.” 

We appreciate many of you are busy right now but if you would like to get in touch regarding the prospect of working with us, please drop us an email, LinkedIn message or your preferred way of contact. 

This is our way of saying thank you. 

The FLOCK team.

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