Company culture

Vision & Mission

We help people find their calling at work

Our mission is to make sure employees are satisfied, committed, and engaged at work!

At Your FLOCK, we truly believe (in fact, we know) that people work better when they enjoy doing what they do. We help employers and individuals to match together based on the system of values and beliefs they live by.

At Your FLOCK, we use research-based assessments that create a culture fit that drives job satisfaction, commitment, and retention.

Core Values

We help compnies to leverage their culture to boost performance and to work with people truly motivated by the vision driving a company.

We foster creation of communities at work driven by a common purpose and capable of achieving things otherwise unachievable by single individuals.

The name

Our name is not random. Birds of a feather, FLOCK together! Looking at characteristics of birds you will learn a lot about us!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       .


Birds live in large flocks. Thanks to teamwork they are able to thrive in the jungle. Culture is a mix of human interaction and collaboration. Like birds, only companies able to create an effective and robust culture can survive in the market (or the jungle). At FLOCK, we collaborate externally with organisations and individuals to help companies to create prosperous cultures that motivate all employees.



Every flock is unique. The feather pattern of some birds is as unique as a human fingerprint. At FLOCK, we know that each company and each individual is unique and we strive to help people to leverage their uniqueness for their own benefit. This is why we operate in a truly unique and innovative way and tailor our solution to our clients’ needs.


The majority of birds commit to one partner throughout their entire lifetime. At FLOCK, we aim to spark the same passion between employers and employees. Life-long commitment driven by aligned passion and motivation is our goal that we envision to create for the society. At Flock, we are all passionate about this visions.


Flock Platform Tutorial

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