Dan SodergrenCIO

    Dan Sodergren: Co founder and CIO For Your FLOCK.

    As Dan says himself. He is a Dad, Lover of #Tech and a #Futurist. Dad 1st. #Futurist 2nd. Probably #Tech Lover 3rd. A #marketeer by day. And a #futureofwork #tech4good #diversityandinclusion evangelist by night. During his day, he works with us here at work on www.YourFLOCK.co.uk – our #tech startup and personal development tool for #remoteworking teams. 

    He also gets asked to talk about tech, the #futureofwork and digital marketing in person. And on the TV, podcasts, radio and online…

    Pre covid. He did in person – live talks and training sessions – inspiring companies and people to change using his 20+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, business and technology. With his past company www.GreatMarketingWorks.co.uk

    Why? As he believes #remoteworking and the #digitaltransformation underpinning this are the next revolution in business.  And they will be the #futureofwork…

    How? As Dan says…

    “How do I know this. I don’t (100%) but as a futurist I have been successfully seeing the future in technology for over a decade. Sometimes creating successful startups in the sectors I picked as future winners. Sometimes not. It is due to this life experience that I get asked to be a #digitalmarketing and #tech expert – on radio and TV. On BBCWorld, BBC Breakfast, Channel 4, ITV, and local and national radio stations. As well as on numerous podcasts and webinars. These experiences and my values and beliefs is why I backed Your FLOCK and invested in it too.”

    FLOCK. For #RemoteWorking Team Culture. - A #company culture mapping tool based on employee values. | Product Hunt Embed