Michal WisniewskiCEO

    Michal Wisniewski: Founder of Your FLOCK.

    Before setting up Your Flock, which helps support business new to remote work, Michal used to work for in an office based company that did not fit his “attitude”.

    After some time of experiencing the negative effects of company culture mismatch first-hand, Michal decided to do something about it. He made it his mission to help people find their calling at work. He conducted a research project with The University of Manchester to derive a set of methods designed to help organisations diagnose their culture and recruit individuals with a cultural fit.

    Methods derived from Michal’s research are the fundamental part of how Your Flock delivers its service.

    Now, Michal advises organisations on how to find people who identify themselves with what their company stands for, so companies and their employees can grow together creating a better future.

    As Michal says — “I help people find their calling at work. I’m the founder of Your FLOCK – a SaaS platform that increases employee retention and productivity. We do it by helping to make better hiring and management decisions by uncovering what motivates individuals and maximising their performance to unique team cultures especially at times of remote work and working from home – using research-driven profiling and company culture building software.”

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