HR Solution:

Are you working in Recruitment?

We all know in the recruitment sector it is hard sometimes to select best fits for the companies and candidates…

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of resources
  • Quick Decisions pushed by the clients

As a result of this, you can´t spend the enough time assessing properly each of the candidates in every recruitment process.

Perhaps you already use any psychometric test or tool that supports you in the decision, however..

Would you use a better HR tool that matches the candidates with their passionate companies, with same values and culture?


Have you had any bad experience with a client recently?

89% of the time employees fail due to their poor attitude rather than skill. It doesn´t mean you have done your job wrong! it mainly happens because:

“they don´t like the company culture”

So, what if I told you…

There´s an HR Tool that helps you solve the main pains when it comes to recruiting candidates for your clients.

Would you use it? to:

  • Boost your client´s performance

  • Improve employee retention

  • Avoid bad hires

Why use our culture fit assessment tool?

Based on Michal Wisniewski’s research, Macawly methods measure a Person-Organisation Fit (PO). ant which helps you drive:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Work commitment
  • Retention

Our methods are unlike any other commercially available solutions. We create unique culture profiles for companies, business units & individuals accommodating for relative importance of values.

Our culture fit assessment matches people and organisations together based on their core values and motivations.


How to make wiser decisions using Culture Assessment Test

1- The tool assess candidates based on culture fit and core values.

2- You get a % of match of each candidate with your client company culture.

3- You are able to make a wiser decision based on the results.


How much would it cost you?

We offer a initial free trial for one of your clients, so you can try the tool out and see the benefits and results.

Book a free trial with us today. Leave your details and we´ll get back to you shortly!

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