The 5-Step FLOCK Process

To maximise the long-term benefits of FLOCK SaaS technology, we encourage you to follow the 5-Step Process. Long-term benefits of FLOCK include attracting talent, employee engagement and creating a strong company culture whereby employees feel valued. Great workplace culture requires a lot of day-to-day attention from leadership and HR teams, so we have defined the process in five simple steps. Remember, company culture matters. For the science behind FLOCK please follow this link or get in touch with us at [email protected]!

1. Your Value Survey

Value-based profiling tool using data and science to find your individual core values.

  • Define your culture profile using data and science in 5 minutes!
  • Receive results within seconds.
  • Chatbot style and user-friendly.
  • Analyse your Team Culture Match
  • Start Culture-based Recruitment

2. Analyse Your Culture Profile

Individual profile evaluating your coreĀ values and motivations.

  • Self-reflect on your results for self-improvement.
  • Identify your individual motivations,de-motivation and leadership style, individual core drivers and strengths.
  • Easy to follow, no nonsense reports!
  • Share your results with others to improve the way you collaborate.
  • Identify behaviours that play to your strengths.
  • User-friendliness score= 4.75Ā 

3. Define Your Team Culture Map

Define aggregated profiles of individual core values, set actions to strengthen your team.

  • Define core values and find out what drives the majority of your team and each individual.
  • Identify things that motivate your team and run FLOCKā€™s activities to strengthen your core values.
  • Identify core values you would like to improve on.
  • Set a desired team culture and compare it against the existing culture.
  • Use this data to set team purpose.
  • Set and monitor team action plans designed to strengthen and maintain your team culture. Use FLOCKā€™s framework to champion your culture.

4. Analyse Your Team Culture Match

Compare your culture profile with your team and set meaningful goals.

  • Find your unique team strengths, synergies and differences.
  • Set individual tasks provided- designed to nurture your core values and help the team strengthen purpose and culture.
  • Share the fit with your team to improve collaboration and taskĀ delegation.
  • Identify work/project/tasks that play to your team strengths.
  • Improve your engagement and support the team to work towards a common goal.

5. Start Culture-Based Recruitment

Utilise your team Culture Map andĀ analyse how new teams will impact your existing and desired team culture.

  • Save time when screening multiple candidates for the same job role.
  • Quickly screen candidates and find the best fit!
  • FLOCK provides you with a library of activities you can undertake to nurture your core values.
  • Use the FLOCK results to prepare effectively for interviews.
  • Use candidates core values data to onboard and develop them Ā  Ā  professionally. Ensure they help your team grow.
  • Identify high-growth potential individuals- make better recruitment decisions!
  • Ensure better retention, performance and engagement.

“FLOCKā€™s culture based recruitment technology reduced our interview-to-offer ratio and allowed us to place more jobs.”Ā 

ā€“ Andy Almond, Client Director & Co-Founder of Langham Recruitment

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