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Your FLOCK. Manchester Technology Centre. is a employee feedback platform based on individual motivations.

Our mission is to make sure your employees that hybrid  work are satisfied, committed, engaged and more productive whilst working from home.


At Your FLOCK, we truly believe (in fact, we know) that people work better (especially when they are remote working or working from home) when they enjoy doing what they do.

We help employers and individuals to match together based on the system of values and beliefs they live by.

At Your FLOCK, we use research-based assessments that create a company culture / values fit that drives job satisfaction, commitment, and retention.

These helps you by making sure YOUR remote working teams are happy and more productive – as well as – that you are recruiting the right people for your company culture and values – in the first place…

Important for the #FutureofWork.

Did you know?

66% of remote teams fail to reach their objectives. It costs the UK economy £22bn a year!

The main reason for it?

Remote managers can’t define their team strengths; leading to unmotivated and unhappy employees – affecting productivity.

Your FLOCK helps remote teams to be more productive by defining their strengths with science and nudging employees with activities driving more productive behaviours with Machine Learning.

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