Check & improve your company culture with science.

Raise profitability by up to 21%

Avoid bad hire costs of up to 300% of first year salary

Increase retention by up to 59%

Grow your company culture.

Your FLOCK is a SaaS platform that helps businesses to improve the management and performance of their remote teams.

But rather than focusing on skills and experience, we use data & science to analyse values and the cultural alignment to improve engagement and retention.

FLOCK. For #RemoteWorking Team Culture. - A #company culture mapping tool based on employee values. | Product Hunt Embed



What are our customers saying?

Thanks to our work with FLOCK we are now able to develop a clear plan to help our employees and candidates feel more engaged and be more productive at work.’ 

– Glyn Jones, Group CEO at Trolex

Measure Your Culture

Find the unique value of each employee

Recruit Best-Fit Candidates 

Find their unique value-add to your culture

Improve Team Performance

Grow & engage your employees

What we do?

FLOCK’s mission is to help teams shape their company culture. We help businesses to raise performance by aligning core values and motivations within organisations. FLOCK’s solution drives satisfaction, commitment, and retention at a workplace.

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FLOCK. For #RemoteWorking Team Culture. - A #company culture mapping tool based on employee values. | Product Hunt Embed