Pedro FalcãoAdvisor

    Pedro Falcão Investor in Your FLOCK.

    Pedro is one of Your FLOCK’s advisors. He is also an Experienced Business Angel and Corporate VC in the worlds of remote work and working from home.

    He is a Board member at:

    LC Ventures.

    FNABA (Portuguese National Federation of Business Angel Associations),

    APMENTOR (Portuguese Mentoring Association) and Best Horizon (BAs Investment Vehicle.

    Pedro has an MBA in Management from Nova School of Business and Economics.

    He is an Experienced Business Angel and VC.

    Presently working at LC Ventures which manages the first global hands-on, accelerator investment vehicle based in Portugal. Which is where he met on the accelerator there. Your FLOCK is now part of his portfolio which is comprised of innovative tech startups from Europe, North and Latin America.

    As the CEO of Best Horizon he and his team – had a portfolio of more than 50 portfolio companies in Portugal, Spain, France, The Netherlands, UK, USA and Brazil.

    Whilst as Investment director of Novabase Capital he successfully raised 11,4M€ for two new risk capital funds. With deep analysis of investment opportunities for the risk capital funds managed by Novabase Capital, totalling 18,5M€. Negotiation and execution of investment deals. Hands-on management of the portfolio which includes companies such as FeedZai (that raised $17.5M in 2015).
    On the M&A side, work involved analysis, negotiation, due diligence, contract preparation and support after execution of several deals.

    He experience is far and wide – not only in tech but in HR tech and startups that specialise in company culture,  remote working and work from home tech solutions like

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