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Wifi Problems Working from Home

Working from home (WFH) in your comfy chair is all fun and games until technology goes wrong. Before COV-19 we had the luxury of sharing an office with the I.T department. Now, if a problem occurs, it has become our responsibility to fix tech problems. For those of us who are not so great with technology (me included) it is demotivating.

One of the most common work from home frustrations is poor WIFI signal. Unreliable WIFI causes stress and decreases productivity. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to have a strong WIFI, enabling us to work efficiently.

How to avoid Wifi Problems at Home

WIFI problems can be avoided by following our top tips to better WIFI, simple steps to help minimise your remote working problems. 

  1. Make sure the connection cable is in the main telephone socket in your home. Which isn’t always where you think it should be.
  2. Make sure you have password protected your router – you never know who else might be on it.
  3. Microwaves, fridges and even TV’s can mess with the signal strength. So don’t put it next to them. Find a comfortable place to work in your home as far away as possible.
  4. You can buy router boosters and even make your own. Please don’t make your own.
  5. You can use a mesh system to make sure you get better wifi in each room of your home.
  6. Remember other devices can be using the internet in the background so turn those off. If they are not necessary for your work then turn them off!
  7. If all else fails and it’s mission or work critical then perhaps bring in a Gigacube and so your family can use the broadband in peace. Or, perhaps it is now out of your control and you need to call your WIFI provider.

Hopefully, these steps will help improve your WFH environment. They have been written by Dan Sodergren, so if you do notice any improvements you can thank Dan.

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