On Your FLOCK Friday introducing Janine Owen of The Talent Crowd.

At YourFLOCK – we love shouting about our community and the success stories therein. Especially if they have done something amazing during the pandemic and times of #remoteworking. So this [...]

Your FLOCK Friday – introducing Michael Brennan and Tootoot in #MentalHealthWeek

Micheal Brennan is a multi award winning entrepreneur and CEO of tootoot and Stribe. Both have used Your FLOCK. And we are happy to have even worked on webinars with them and their clients [...]

Your FLOCK Friday. Introducing Nicky Shepard from Abbey People and Born To Be Beautiful.

  Nicky Shepard uses YourFLOCK for her team. As her purpose in life is to help make the world a better place. She believes that by making changes as individuals, we are able to create change [...]