Introducing MediaMaker – piloting YourFLOCK with amazing results in just one month.

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Being an old event promoter myself, with my ex agency Spearfish, I know how hard it is to put on a great event. And with my digital transformation hat on – how hard it is to help companies digitally transform. The folk at MEDIA Maker based in Nottingham, do both of these and more so…
They are our happy Monday story.
MEDIA Maker. 
With the capacity to integrate event production, video and web development and design. Media Maker are known to provide a creative solution that is tailored to you. From meetings and experiential events to conferences for 4,000 delegates. To websites that generate over 150,000 visits per day!

We really want to be able to work with them in the future to help YourFLOCK.
So their media production expertise can help us reach and connect with our audience. In an engaging and rewarding way.
Heck, we want to help a million people be happier at work. So we’re gonna have to do something amazing. And with their 25 years of experience in making, as they say,
“memorable communications experiences that engage and inspire.”
MEDIA Maker will be where we be going.
MEDIA Maker helps organisations communicate their messages to customers, employees and partners.
Whether it’s an event for thousands, or a digital campaign seen by millions.
They ensure brands don’t just reach their goals, they smash them.
So it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that they use Your FLOCK.
And their core motivators are:
  • Autonomy,
  • Detail Driven
  • And Result Focused.
MEDIAMaker uses Your FLOCK with one of their teams of developers.
And whilst they have done so they have….
“increased their team alignment score from a very reasonable 63% to a high 76%. In just one month!”
With the team giving some amazing feedback and ideas about how to increase their employee engagement to the team leader.
So hat’s off to MEDIAMaker. Your FLOCK team of the week.
Find out more about MEDIAMaker at
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