The Talent Crowd increases engagement by 17% and grows team from 4 to 24 with Your FLOCK

‘Thanks to Your FLOCK we created an actionable plan to set a culture strategy to increase future engagement and performance.

Janine Owen, Director, The Talent Crowd



The Talent Crowd is a new fast-growth recruitment agency based in Manchester

They have only set up the company in 2021 and are already 25 employees. Don’t let the age of the business fool you as Talent Crowd’s co-founders – Janine and Debbie – and employees have collectively many years of experience in the sector.


In a post-pandemic world we identified the following trends:

  • Most businesses have some or all employees who work remotely
  • The recruitment market has opened up to remote work so it is more difficult to retain the best employees
  • The recruitment industry is booming at the moment and team leaders have less and less time to engage and lead employees due to day-to-day workload

Janine and Debbie both knew how important it is to build an engaging culture from the start to make sure their employees identify themselves with what the company stands for, get support whenever they need it, and are retained in the business while working remotely.




The Talent Crowd signed up to Your FLOCK in May 2021. 

We first used our 5-Minutes Research-Based Survey derived at The University of Manchester to identify the core values of each individual to find out what motivates them the most at work.

Then, we collected 1-Minute Weekly Feedback from the team uniquely tailored to each individual.

On the back of the feedback, we sent Weekly 1-Page Reports to each team leader with an overview of team engagement and action plans for 1-2-1s with employees that require their support.



After 6 months of using Your FLOCK we are proud to announce that:

  • The Talent Crowd has increased headcount 6x
  • Improved the overall employee engagement by 17% from 73% to 90%. 
  • Employee turnover minimised to only 9% (when the industry average is 43%)
  • Suggested 56 1-2-1s for team engagement improvement
  • Generated 75 comments on behaviours people recognise as more engaging.

Minimising employee turnover from industry average (43%) to 9% created a cost-saving of £180,000/year for Talent Crowd by minimising hiring, onboarding, and management costs.

We are very impressed with the results above. Based on their progress and the focus on investing in people, we firmly believe that The Talent Crowd is onto something great and is set to become one of the best agencies in the UK.

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