Machine Compare uses Your FLOCK whilst working from home

Machine Compare uses Your FLOCK to understand their company culture, support their team working from home and boost their recruitment process.

“We used Your FLOCK during the COVID period, it has been a really big growth period for our business.

We’ve actually doubled the team in size. Something that has really helped us, was understanding the company culture and profiling the people that were going to be joining the business.

The main reason for this is that the first point about profiling the company culture and the people that already existed was that, when everybody was forced to start working from home, we were able to really clearly identify their wants, needs and motivations. So that they could work effectively from home. And, so we could get that balance right with how much communication they need to stay motivated. Also, to look after their own well being whilst they were there.

Then, when we were growing the team, Your FLOCK also helped us identify candidates that fitted the culture and weren’t going to be disruptive. Then we could track their motivation, behaviour and what they might need in a home working environment and working in isolation so we could best support them.

We found Your FLOCK was really effective in doing this and scarily accurate. Especially with the recruitment process.

I would recommend Your FLOCK; I think it’s an invaluable tool for us as a business. We won’t use anything else; we will continue to use it. We reference it on a monthly basis as well.

When we have our meetings to see where people are up to and what they might need from us as a business in order to go forward.

I would say it’s a fantastic tool so, use Your FLOCK.”

– Benjamin Findlay, CEO of Machine Compare


Machine Compare allows buyers and sellers to connect one another directly in one online hub environment aiming to Inform Choice and Inspire action. Their listings channel provides an online platform for users to list or research machinery, post pictures, download floor plans and brochures and speak with sellers directly. is independent of any of the sectors it serves. As well as providing a platform to research your next machine investment. They also offer best practice advice, empowering all users to make the best purchasing decisions possible.

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