PAXMAN sets core values and the talent management process with Your FLOCK

PAXMAN sets core values and the talent management process with Your FLOCK thanks to Kathy Morris, Company Culture and Learning Development Manager.

‘At a critical time for our business, having Your FLOCK has been essential in helping us identify our organisational culture and value set.

It will be vital in our entire talent management process going forward – helping us recruit best-fit candidates, provide targeted development for our teams and to identify high potential  for the future.

Easy to use with clear, no nonsense reports – we love it!’

– Kathy Morris, Culture and Learning Development Manager at PAXMAN



PAXMAN is the global leader in scalp cooling technology.

Their cold cap is scientifically proven to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy. They are changing the face of cancer for people throughout the world.

More than 20 years ago, Sue Paxman experienced first-hand the effect that chemotherapy-induced hair loss had on her quality of life, she discovered that this sense of patient helplessness was common.

In fact, chemotherapy-induced alopecia remains one of the top five most feared and distressing cancer treatment side effects, to this day.

PAXMAN may have grown to become the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of scalp cooling equipment, with over 3500 Paxman Scalp Cooling Systems installed in over 33 global markets.  However, with cancer touching the lives of more people than ever before, the mission is far from over and they are driven by the purpose of chasing zero hair loss during chemotherapy to give cancer patients around the world a degree of control.


PAXMAN is a fast-growth family owned business. As they started growing internationally, their primary challenges included:

Define the DNA of the organisation by engaging with employees to make sure they maintain their uniqueness globally.

Identify and evaluate cultural differences between the UK and the US.

Create a talent management system to enable culture-based recruitment and value-based personal development of employees.



PAXMAN used FLOCK to assess their employees to evaluate their existing  company culture.

Based on the results, they created their unique culture profile and organisational sub-cultures (UK, US, hierarchy, departments etc.) helping them to define the PAXMAN DNA.

Now, PAXMAN is using their culture results as a data-driven tool supporting their performance reviews to set the most effective personal goals for their employees. They are also using the results to screen their new candidates to make sure they get the best talent and retain them.


  • PAXMAN is now growing with Your FLOCK by recruiting their new candidates. All candidates recruited using Your FLOCK are found to be performing above-average and integrate very well with their culture.
  • PAXMAN’s currently integrating Your FLOCK with their talent management and performance review systems
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