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Has anyone asked You… How’s Your Week Been?
If not… Why not? They should have.
Especially if You #work in a team.
And more importantly, if you are a team leader or company owner looking for more employee engagement.
Have you asked the question yet?
If not, you should have.


This week we did a webinar with Better Placed and a whole host of great speakers. And one of the key things that came back from them…
Was about listening and being vulnerable.
About not knowing the answers BUT asking the question.
And this question is key.
How Have You Been This Week?
Asked every week.
Looking back in your memory. Perhaps you asked it or got asked it whilst working in your office. But perhaps not so much when working from home or working remotely.
This is why we built this. We listened.


If you are a team leader. You must listen. As this is the new world. Of asking and listening. And getting the feedback from employees. When you ask the right questions. Your employees and other team members and colleagues – give you more engagement.
Why care?
As employee engagement is what keeps people at Your company. Keeps people in Your Team. It’s not the money…
“41% of people in America are looking for a new job. That’s doubled in the last year!”
Why? Because bosses aren’t listening. And they are not developing positive company cultures. Or the right company cultures. Developing the right #CompanyCulture is all about #EmployeeEngagement and leaders asking those questions!
Isn’t it?
“38% of people leave a company because they don’t feel they fit in. But almost double that leave as they don’t like or don’t feel supported by their boss or team leader.”

This is BIG.

In this new world of remote work and working from home Your people can’t feel that you care. You don’t always have time to email them all and ask this VERY VERY important question.
How Have You Been This Week?
This is what our new feature DOES.
AND with this new feedback (See screenshots.)
Your team tells you:
– How they are feeling about their week.
– How they feel about You and your leadership.
– HOW Your Team feels the team is living Your Values.
And much more…
So then as a team leader you also get to see how engaged they are.
And what you might need to do differently – week on week.
So your team can become even more aligned and engaged and happy working together.
Be that working from home or whilst remote working.
So you and Your Team can prove that the values are important. They are lived into. They aren’t just ideas. But real.
Pretty cool huh?
And they can all give You the feedback on this week.
They just need to…


As using your memory and feeling is a terrible way of putting pressure on yourself. Can you really ask that question 10 or 20 times and remember each answer?
You might think you can. But you wont really. You will get a feeling. But nothing to act upon. And if you are too optimistic or pessimistic you will miss the signal in your own noise.
Welcome to confirmation bias 101. Why risk it?
Get the feedback. Let Your FLOCK collate it together and then we will send you the report. Simple.
Pretty cool huh? That is why you use technology to collate the data of the feeling of the team together. And if you can. You use Your FLOCK to then evaluate how your team are aligned and living the values of the team too.
And how you are too.
It’s time to listen.
And they can all give You the feedback on this week.
They just need to…
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