Why Your Company Culture is so important to map RIGHT now.

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How long before you feel like:

“How engaged are my employees or other team members?”

How engaged are they really?

As a leader of a team and a business you have to answer this.

And YOU must start to think HOW do I map Your company culture.

This is a quick guide to company culture as a human capital concept.

Why do you need to do so?

Because human capital in any team – is increased by the environment. And the understanding of management on their team’s core values. Engaged employees need a good working environment for them to work . The more they have desire to work. The more productive they are. In essence, happy employees make happy bosses. BUT… It takes more than just a vision.

Why is it so hard to do this?

Much of the time it’s because there are many moving parts around how you change your company culture and how you innovate.

If you don’t have all the parts in place – then there are many pitfalls. As you can see.

But the real secret to great organizational culture is leadership and team empowerment. A successful leader starts by making the hard choices. And this is hard to do without the RIGHT data to do so.

Often team leaders and bosses of entire companies do not put enough resources. Into the project of mapping and developing their company culture. And how engaged their teams and employees are. Without this knowledge often team players and team leaders find themselves adrift.

Did you know that 34% of people leave their job because their feel they don’t fit into the company culture. Twice as many leave because their don’t like their manager.”

So team leaders need support in discovering and developing their team. And so do bosses of companies too. But it is NOT just company culture. And their engagement with you. It is the alignment with the core values that is the driver here. Not the marketing values – as these can change over time. But the core of the team and company itself. A team player needs to know the core value of the team. Whilst the team leader needs to know how the individual team members values too.

The right tools to create a company culture map.

The right tools to create a company culture map can be a crucial part of building the right culture. The tools of the trade in building a company culture map are well-established in the world of corporate HR and professional development. Not surprising, given the importance HR places on the culture it creates and supports.

But these tools are not only about HR. They are about helping your business leaders do their jobs better. What tools should a company culture map include? Here comes the hard part.

The key is finding the tools that will allow you to do your job better. Your FLOCK is just ONE of the tools you can use – you will need a whole technology stack to do this fully.

How to use a company culture map for employee engagement

Using a company culture map enables decision makers – like you – to see where their organizations are heading.

You will learn to identify where your organization is headed. And how you, as an individual contributor, may be contributing to the vision.

Company culture maps serve as a great tool for leaders. To explore culture, business and organizational characteristics.

At Your FLOCK we help You build a team-based company culture map. To identify employee and organizational performance based on data. Collected from within and without. To see which employees are engaged and WHY.

Spending the time and effort on discovering your company culture and documenting it. Helps not only with team building, but with clarifying company values and goals. And creating something that employees will rally behind.

And even if the results is not all hi fives and smiles. You can start to make real data driven decisions.

Without knowing Your levels of employee engagement or happiness or values alignment You can’t start the process.

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