Are You Investing in Employee Well-being and Individual Values ENOUGH?

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This blog is based on much of the joint thinking in “How can we create cultures that keep people together for longer?” A podcast we did with Sophie and Alice at We Are Joyful some time ago. It was called the Movers, Shakers and Changemakers. And in it we discussed the importance of values especially now with the world changing so rapidly. Especially in the realms of employee engagement, productivity and technology.

As values and the individual needs of your employees is key. Which is why we built Your FLOCK – the employee feedback platform. Whether it’s through technology, personalization, or face-to-face interactions, investing in your people is a must in today’s ever-changing work landscape. It’s important to remember that the human element remains a crucial factor. As this new age begins. This is important in the success of any business. No matter what size. Be that a smaller business of up to 50 people like we at Your FLOCK work with. Or larger. By focusing on employee well-being, engagement, and individual values, we can create a workplace, for every size business, that is not only profitable and productive. And also fulfilling and rewarding for everyone involved.

Potential Impact on Jobs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As we approach the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many people are left wondering what the impact will be on jobs. With advancements in technology such as AI and automation, there is a fear that many jobs will become obsolete, leaving people unemployed.

This fear is not new, as each industrial revolution has brought new fears about job security. However, it is important to understand that this fear is largely unfounded. As history has shown, new jobs are created as old ones become obsolete.

Disconnection and Connection in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

However, as we progress through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. This includes greater opportunities for connection. But it also creates a sense of disconnection for some people. As we move towards a more tech-based future, it’s important to keep in mind the complex nature of human beings. We must ensure that we are using technology to connect people better. 

Without losing sight of the fact that we are complex creatures with a wide range of emotions and needs. It’s clear that technology will continue to play a major role in our lives. But it’s equally important that we maintain a balance between connectivity and the need for personal interaction.

The Potential Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Jobs

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a topic that has been talked about a lot lately, and for good reason. It is expected to cause a massive shift in the job market in the coming years and this shift will be unlike anything we have seen before. The Fourth Industrial Revolution entails more than just working from home; it includes a lot of other things like AI taking over jobs that were previously done by humans. The fear is that this technological revolution will leave so many people out of work.

While it is true that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring about some challenges, we should not be quick to write it off as a bad thing. In the past, people panicked about new technologies like the bicycle, the washing machine, and gin. However, these technologies ended up being instrumental in driving progress in various fields. It is also important to note that the fear of technology taking away jobs has been unfounded in the past. The reality is that new technologies will always create new jobs. Even if they do make some existing jobs obsolete. The key is to embrace these changes and adapt accordingly.

The Importance of Work Engagement

Engagement in the workplace has become more important than ever before, with in some places…

Only 22 percent of people claim that they are happy in their jobs.

Disengagement costs trillions of pounds, and it’s not just about the money but also about fulfilling human potential and becoming more productive. Although technology can assist in creating a happier and more fulfilled career. It cannot replace human connection. However, technology can be augmented with AI. To provide data that can help human beings make decisions to create happier and more engaged teams.

One way to create happier and more fulfilled careers is through technology. Such as using engagement platforms based on individual values. The values of a company are important, but not as much as the individual values of the employees.

By measuring and analyzing human characteristics such as:

– teamwork

– caring,

– results-focused,

– and customer orientation

Technology can assist in creating a workforce that is more engaged and happier in what they do. Technology can also help redefine job roles. Leading to people being able to do different jobs that are more fulfilling, leading to happier careers.

The Importance of Individual Values

It’s important to understand the impact of individual values on team engagement and happiness in the workplace. Disengagement at work is costing trillions of pounds, which shows how fundamental it is to keep employees happy and engaged. It’s essential for individuals to enjoy what they do and be with people they like at work. That’s why companies need to adopt a more personalized approach to understanding employee values. Which can make a significant contribution to creating a positive work culture.

It’s essential to understand individual values as opposed to brand values because they are less likely to be manipulated. What makes the You flock unique is that it’s the only engagement platform based on values research by Stanford, Google, and the University of Manchester.

By using nine different human characteristics, such as teamwork and customer-orientation, individuals can create their own personalized map, which makes up the team’s values.

This approach ensures that everyone is on the same page and that employees are productive and engaged.As we move forward, employee values are becoming an essential aspect of workplace culture. And it’s vital for companies to focus on them if they want to succeed.

Why Individual Values are Important in Business Success

Values are an essential part of any individual’s life, and they play an equally important role in the success of a business. It’s crucial to understand individual values. Rather than brand values that are often perceived as manipulative.

For instance…

55% of Fortune 500 companies brand their values around integrity.

Do all of them actually meet that value? This is why it’s important to personalize values and make each employee feel heard and valued. At Your Flock, we have developed a platform that creates a personalized map of your team based on individual values.

The Future of Work and Individual Values

As we enter the future of work, the importance of personalization and understanding individual values has become more evident. For example, the employee contract and employee brand will focus on values and the employees that align with them. When it comes to productivity, we need to love the work we do and be with people we like. The idea that people only go to work to earn money is changing, and businesses need to adapt.

Companies can no longer expect employees to do jobs they hate for the money, and as a result, they won’t be productive or engaged. This is why personalization and understanding individual values are critical in ensuring team satisfaction and success.

At Your Flock, we want to help a million people increase their overall well-being at work. By focusing on values, which is scientifically and financially proven to be a better thing for the business.

In today’s capitalist society, the idea that self-actualization is the final step for human survival is at odds with the fact that loneliness is the biggest killer. For human survival, we need both self-actualization and connection. However, the capitalist system has thrown this out of balance. That’s why we need to focus on combining all of these areas to create happy and productive teams that value employee well-being.

At the moment, according to Sophie J Turnton from We Are Joyful (now Electric Peach) points out

“Only about a third of employees believe that their business helps with their overall well-being.”

This is why we need to bring in more intentionality to the business world, focusing not just on the bottom line but also the team’s success.This isn’t just some airy-fairy idea, it’s a scientifically proven concept that makes financial sense. And it’s not just about being morally right, it’s about doing what’s best for your business.

When it comes to creating brand values and fostering teamwork, it’s important to take a bottom-up approach. Leaders shouldn’t just dictate the values.

They should involve their team in the process and shape the values based on what’s important to the team. This creates a culture where employees feel valued. And can bring their whole selves to work. Leading to increased productivity, innovation, and growth. It’s time to flip the traditional top-down approach on its head.

The Importance of Asking Questions

The pandemic has been a harrowing experience for many. But it’s also given us the opportunity to reflect on how we work and what’s important to us. As we navigate the return to the office, it’s important to ask everyone what they want and need.Not all sectors and teams have the same values and ways of working. So it’s important to understand what drives and motivates each individual.

This is a chance for leaders to move from a management style to a servant leadership style, where they put the needs and wants of their team first.Humble leadership is the way of the future, and it’s incumbent upon leaders to adapt and change their ways to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace.By doing so, they’ll not only create a better environment for their team, but also increase the profitability and resilience of their business.

The pandemic has also forced many of us to work remotely, and as the world slowly returns to normalcy. Which it might not fully. A lot of things have changed, including the way we work. While some people have thrived in remote working conditions, others are eager to return to the office. It’s important to understand that different sectors have different values and work in different ways. It’s essential to reflect on what we’ve learned during the pandemic and adjust our work environments accordingly.

This is a great opportunity for employers to ask their employees what drives them and what motivates them. It’s also essential to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of remote and office-based work.

If you have a remote team, it’s crucial to use effective tools and technologies to engage and support your team. A team engagement platform based on values can be a game-changer. We at Your FLOCK with our employee feedback platform would say that.

However, it’s essential to understand that technology alone is not enough. You need team leaders and happy people who specialise in understanding human behaviour. And what technology packages they can use. As remote work continues to be popular, businesses can save money. But it’s essential to invest these savings back into their employees. This can be done in various ways, including:

– providing emotional support,

– giving more financial support,

–  investing in their personal and professional growth

– and asking them more questions and getting feedback.

In short, it’s all about creating an environment where employees feel valued and appreciated.

In Conclusion

Transitioning to remote work and hybrid work requires a shift in our mindset from management. One to a more humble leadership. It requires managers to be more attentive to their employees’

  • individual aspirations.
  • And interests.
  • And motivations. 

We also need to invest in our employees and value their human needs. Remote and Hybrid teams need more than just technology; they need human-based support to understand their needs better.

Finally, investing in team happiness can be incredibly rewarding and save you money in the long run.As paying people more money isn’t always the answer. Especially when it comes to keeping hybrid working employees happy and motivated. Investing in your hybrid teams and keeping them happy is a bit more complex than that.

Which is why we have written this book.

Which as a friend of Your FLOCK you can get for free.

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