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As you know we love talking about people using Your FLOCK. Especially when they are doing great things. For the world of tech and #DiversityandInclusion. This week we are talking about Rosie MacPhail. And her work with Better Placed recruitment who use Your FLOCK for their team. AND their own recruiters. Which is great.

Rosie MacPhail

Rosie has been tireless in her work promoting the diversity and inclusion agenda in Manchester and beyond.

As she specialises in recruiting Marketing Agency positions across Northern England. She knows the agency market like the back of her hand.

And facilitates conversations between the leading agencies in the North.

And the premium talent that she works with.

As you can imagine she is extremely busy and their tight knit team have some great alignment around their three Core Values of:

  • Recognition
  • Result focus
  • Autonomy

Which is what you would want from a recruiter. So if you are an agency candidate looking for your next move. Rosie can offer:

– insider market knowledge,

– confidential

– exclusive roles

– and an opportunity to work with first class Northern agencies.

Diversity and Inclusion:

In her spare time, Rosie is a passionate voice for #diversityandinclusion. Working with Your FLOCK’s Dan Sodergren. As a guest on her podcast series. Where she talks to industry leaders in the marketing and technology world.

About Diversity and Inclusion and a host of other topics.

She also created a recent webinar around the need for more diversity in marketing agencies. That you can read about here. Working with Proflic North to produce and promote the event.

“”The Road to a More Inclusive and Diverse Marketing Industry”

The speakers for our event around diversity

Which she chaired with speakers from across the industry including:

  • Dan Sodergren – Co-Founder of
  • Ian Lenehan – Recruitment Manager, McCann Manchester
  • Sarah Latham – Operations Director, Six & Flow
  • Richard George – Managing Partner, Wavemaker
  • Rob Shaw – CEO, CreativeRace
  • Catherine Garrod – Founder, Compelling Culture

You can see the webinar recording here…

Thanks to Prolific North as it was a great event with so many learnings we took from it.

As Rosie says:

“It’s been interesting to gain insight into the perspectives of this often difficult matter. And I wanted to conclude the series with this webinar in order to pool knowledge and share reflections on some actionable moving forward.

“For me, the biggest learning has been that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Every person I’ve spoken to has a different perspective and different approaches.  So I wanted to enable everyone to come together and express what they do.”

As everyone does different things. But not everyone has the time to do what they would like to help #diversity and inclusion. Which is why much kudos must also be given to her employer.

Better Placed.

Rosie works with Better Placed, undoubtedly one of the UK’s leading, “Employee Owned” Recruitment specialists. How do we know this at Your FLOCK – as not only do they use our employee engagement platform. But they are a Sunday Times Top 100, Top 5 business to work for.

Better Placed is all about their values. Another reason they used Your FLOCK as their are a values driven consultancy. Specialising in both Permanent and Interim recruitment. Across Digital, E-Commerce, Marketing, Sales and Tech. for some of the UK’s most sought after employers.

Housing some very well networked and experienced recruiters. They are always “better placed” to find talent for clients. That range from cool start-ups like Your FLOCK to some of the UK’s biggest brands!

Of course. We at Your FLOCK work with many different recruiters and recruitment specialists. And so we can’t say much more. In case of seeming to pull rank. But as Better placed say on Linkedin. Their: 

“people are renowned for offering first class, insightful and collaborative recruitment campaigns with a level of care that is often hard to find in our industry!”

And we at Your FLOCK are all about people. And relationships. And the long term. Which is something we share with them. As well as our core values. As at Better Placed, they believe in building relationships that stand the test of time.

And that all good relationships are rooted in:

– honesty,

– trust

– empathy

– and we truly take pride in putting in the effort to get to know you.

By talking, listening and caring. They are able to satisfy our promise of matching people to organisations, not just CVs to jobs.

Caring first. 

At Your FLOCK our top core value is caring. And by letting Rosie MacPhail do what she does. For the diversity and inclusion agenda for the north west – Better placed show they care too. In the end, as out new employee engagement platform alludes to. Having values is just the start.

It’s then… how you live them through your work that counts the most.

And listening to Your people is key for this as well.

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