MACAWLY – Why are we here and why the weird name?

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The spark

MACAWLY’s story started off with my own personal story. I found myself in a job where he did not identify myself with co-workers or even with what my company stood for. Yet, in the recruitment process the company seemed to be a perfect match for me. After over a year of gradually decreasing motivation and lack of commitment I decided to leave. Reflecting back on the recruitment process I realised that it all could have been avoided if only I knew the company culture before I started to work there. I decided to make it my own life mission to help people find work that actively motivates and engages them.


The problem

Culture mismatch results in decreased job satisfaction and performance affecting both the company and the employee. The most common reason for the mismatch is simply a lack of knowledge. Companies cannot effectively describe their culture to candidates in the recruitment process because – where do you start?! Culture is a complex construct and it exists on many levels. There are over 150 definitions of culture! No wonder ‘the hunch’ is one of the top reasons for recruitment decisions. Unfortunately, ‘the hunch’ is open to bias and can cost a business thousands of pounds.


The solution

We exist to assist companies with professional solutions and consultations that help them to utilise their culture to boost performance and to work with people truly motivated by the vision driving the company. We foster creation of communities at work driven by higher purpose and capable of achieving things otherwise unachievable by single individuals.


The name

Our name is not random. It comes from the bird called macaw. Looking at macaws’ characteristics you will learn a lot about MACAWLY.



Each macaw has a unique feather pattern equivalent to human fingerprint. At MACAWLY we know what each company and each candidate is unique and we strive to help people to leverage their uniqueness for their own benefit.



Macaws are one of few animals that commit to one partner throughout their entire lifetime. At MACAWLY, we aim to spark the same passion between employers and employees. Life-long commitment driven by aligned passion and motivation is our goal that we envision to create for the society.



Macaws live in large flocks. Thanks to teamwork they are able to thrive in the jungle. Every organisational culture is the result of human interaction and collaboration. Like macaws, only companies able to create an effective and robust culture can survive in the market (or the jungle). At MACAWLY we help companies to create the prosperous culture that motivates all employees.

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