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Become better at remote work with Weekly Activities at Your FLOCK.

Welcome to Your FLOCK. This is a quick activity that will help you strengthen your core value of Detail drive at work and become better at remote work!

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Remote working with Elon Musk

This is a quick guide on how to strengthen your core value of Detail Drive. It has been inspired by a tech entrepreneur – Elon Musk – who uses this simple routine to improve the quality of his work. Are you ready?

Let’s get started! This exercise takes about 30 minutes every week.

Activity Description

Step 1

Identify the Most Important Tasks for the week (max 3) at the beginning of every week that, once completed, will directly impact the quality of your remote work output.

Step 2

Schedule time in your calendar dedicated to your Most Important Tasks and share it with people you work with.

Step 3

Stick to your calendar routine and repeat the process every week. Good luck!


About Your FLOCK & remote work…

Use our Digital Coach to learn and get better with quick weekly activities tailored to your core values. Your FLOCK uses research-based technology to create your unique Value Profile and become better at remote work by doing our quick activities every week.

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