Marketing and the importance of employer brand for the future of law firms.

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It has to be said that

“No law firm exists without employees, lawyers, and clients.”

Yet similarly, no law firm brand exists. Without the personal brands of each employee and lawyer. In other words, in the end, lawyer / employer branding are instrumental to your success. As well as just marketing your legal firm.

As, no matter how big your law firm is. One thing is for sure. You will need to have a dedicated team behind you. To ensure that you can offer plenty of great advice and support to your clients. To provide the very best service, you are going to need to attract the best staff. But how do you do this?

One way is employer branding. And to be really conscious of your company culture and values. Both internally AND externally. By using technologies like Your FLOCK — our team engagement platform. You can find out more about your employer brand. But to start off with…

What is Employer Branding?

The first place to start is to think about what employer branding is. The idea of employer branding is that it positions your law firm. In a way and place that means the best talent will WANT to work for you. So it is worth remembering that, in essential:

“Your brand is something that is said when you are not in the room.” Dan Sodergren.

So to embrace employer branding. You must bring together how you present yourself as a law firm. The key values you have and what you can offer the staff that want to work with you. The employer branding plans come from how you stand as a brand, your vision and values. And bringing them together to create a brand you can use to appeal to your clients.

Employee Power:

It used to be, in the olden days, that you might not have to think too much about employer branding. As there was a glut of available work and talent. Which is why more traditional firms left candidates to make up their own mind. About their organisation and whether they wanted to join it or not…

In today’s candidate-driven marketplace companies (especially small law firms) cannot be complacent. Instead, they must work ever harder to position themselves. As the employer of choice if they expect to recruit high calibre candidates. As…

“More and more jobseekers are approaching their job search as a buying decision.”

So people wanting to work for you are doing a lot more research than before. Which isn’t great for law firms. As lawyers are the most likely sector to give bad reviews about their employers as they leave.

Is this systematic of the legal sector or bad practice by the larger firms sharing people’s opinions. As partners or employees who are to apply to a particular law firm. Are increasingly completing their own company research. Using social media and employer review websites like Glassdoor.

Candidates want to be able to educate themselves about a company. And decide whether it’s a good cultural fit for them. (Orvalues fit as we would say at Your FLOCK.) And whether it suits their working style. And constitutes a sound investment for their future career. This is the power of employee engagement and the employee experience. And also finding out more about your team. And your potential new team members. With Your FLOCK you can see what their values are — as well — to see how much your values and the teams align.

“Employees with personal values that align with their Employer’s are 5 Times More Likely to be engaged” Achievers report 2021.

Your Employer Brand or Value Proposition.

Cultivating a strong employer brand and communicating it consistently well. Both internally and externally is crucial in attracting, engaging and retaining top talent. To develop the branding proposition, collectively ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Who are we?
  • To whom?
  • Where are we?
  • What Is the employment experience that we offer?
  • How are we different or better than the competition?

Whilst according to some it goes even deeper than this with a EVP — employee value proposition. The EVP. And there are four key factors in building a strong EVP: uniqueness, authenticity, aspiration and dynamism.


Your EVP should stand out from the crowd and have a unique point of view.


An authentic EVP should reflect the true culture and values of your organisation.


Your EVP should also reflect where your organisation wants to go.


Your EVP should be future-focused and be able to shift with your growth.

To help businesses think about their employee brand. And their company values and the role of marketing in all this Your FLOCK have our event on July 28th.As there is a real need in the legal industry to develop real, practical training for people. Especially in employer branding, as they gather their experience.

All too often a fantastic lawyer is promoted through the ranks. Without any training on how to manage staff, manage people and even how to manage workloads. Let alone how they might think about employer branding…

Marketing and the importance of employer brand for the future of law firms.

This event is totally free — thanks to Your FLOCK — our team engagement platform.

With three amazing speakers:

Gemma Ellison at The MAPD Group

She is Head of Culture and Engagement at the Jackson Lees Group.

Making a positive difference (MAPD) is our core guiding principle.

And her job has been to be a part of creating and embedding the company culture. Which brings this guiding principle to life every day.

Sophie J Turton from The Joyful

Sophie is an impact-driven brand & communications expert.

A heart-led entrepreneur. Who supports leaders to fully express themselves and grow businesses. That are driving positive change.

She therefore takes a holistic approach to marketing. Aligning businesses with their vision, people and audiences and translating passion into action.

Sarah Knight: At Mind The Gap Academy

Sarah is an award-winning trainer in human skills.

Helping organisations shape their culture & people. She is a Business Mindset Consultant. That helps business owners lead with purpose, press play & crack on.Sarah provides hands-on, practical tailored training.

That empowers individuals and helps them develop their own personal styles.

Come and hear from all these wonderful speakers at…


We hope you can come to our event.

Completely for free — thanks to Your FLOCK. And be inspired by our speakers.

And learn something new about the potential for your employer brand. And employee experience.

Click here to register for the event for free.

And everyone that signs up will get access to the VIP recording of the event so they can learn at their own time.


With a team engagement platform that gives people a voice at work helping them be happier.
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