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ElizAs you know at YourFLOCK we love to big up our users. Especially if they are making the world a better place and looking to change the future of work.

And that is what Elizabeth Lembke and her learning and development team are doing.

Eliz Lembke

Eliz is Chief Talent Navigator at Transforming Talent. Specializing in all things Talent and impact at work related.

A talent and learning maven with 15+ years of experience in global, strategic, and hands-on HR.

Elizabeth began her path to help make people’s lives better at work as a summer intern in a factory. Getting her first real taste of great HR as a HR trainee in Eastern Germany. To then continue to grow in her Corp career as the Director of Global Talent for ca. 7,000 employees in 11 countries.

A known Devil’s Advocate for Talent. She has won multiple innovation awards in Talent, Learning, & Co-creation Teaming. She is a certified i/o and cultural psychologist and DBVC Systemic coach.

She is a founding Board Director of L&D Cares and leads the Career Growth stream. Co-hosts RCIRCLE. Is a proud member of the Talent Brand Alliance. A frequent MC for Sourcing Summits. Moonlights on the Recruiting Daily’s Clubhouse as a panelist. AND… Publishes Transforming Talent Insights.

Originally from Oregon, she is now working from home and remote working out of Stuttgart, Germany. Knowing what you now know about Eliz you wouldn’t be surprised to know that her values are:

  • Personal Growth
  • Caring
  • Adaptability

Which align very much with ours here at Your FLOCK. And so you can imagine we are BIG fans of Eliz back here. Eliz is everywhere on social media promoting the good work she is doing and changing the world.  One of those great things she does is do events under the L and D cares banner.

L and D cares…

Your FLOCK met Eliz on one of her many events that she does. As Dan Sodergren was a speaker at one of the events and they hit it off from there. Eliz using Your FLOCK as the team lead of the L and D Cares.

L and D Cares are a 100% volunteer organization – as they say on their site

“All we do and all we accomplish is via the great generosity and willingness to contribute from our incredible community – which includes YOU”.

Their goal is to enable people with a passion for talent development succeed in reframing and/or reinventing their careers. Through these main areas:

  • Coaching Cohorts
  • Career Growth
  • Collaboration Network
  • Thought Leadership

In essence they do a MUCH bigger and better version of what Your FLOCK Activities do on a much bigger scale. Creating online events and offline training to make it happen. Whereas Your FLOCK is purely online (for now.) 

Online you can meet Eliz on:

And sign up to her Newsletter here:

You will not regret it.

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