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Become better at remote working with Weekly Activities at Your FLOCK.

Welcome to Your FLOCK. This is a quick activity that will help you strengthen your core value of Autonomy at work and become better at remote working!

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Remote working with Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand

You might have heard a  popular story about the teacher who gave a lecture about the importance of not cramming your ‘jar of time’ with pebbles and sand first, leaving no room for larger rocks.

In this story, the pebbles and sand represent the smaller things in life that, although important, are not essential to your happiness.

This exercise will help you use that approach in balancing your time management. Making sure you achieve your goals and make time for you ‘big rocks’.

Activity Description for remote working

Step 1

Write down 3  goals you would like to achieve in the next 3-6 months. Those are your big rocks.

Remember to have your goals SMART.

Step 2

Now, look at your workload and list big tasks that relate to your ‘rocks’? Re-evaluate your plan and make sure you spend about 60% of your time on your key priority – the rocks.


Step 3

Your next type of tasks are pebbles. They are not necessarily less important than rocks but they take up less time. 

They usually gravitate around the rocks. List your pebble tasks and ask yourself whether you are spending enough time on your pebbles.

 They should take you about 30% of your time. You don’t want to fill up your jar with mostly pebbles.


Step 4

Now, it’s time for sand. Those are also important but quick tasks. It could be a catch up with a work colleague or time to make lunch for work. 

Sand represents simple and small moments that keep you happy at work. Spend about 10% of your time on your sand tasks.


Step 5

A strategy document helps you deliver a long-term vision for your business and therefore is a rock.

Completing a weekly sales report still contributes to the overarching rock to improve your sales but it required less time.

A catch up with your friend is the sand. Helps you maintain positivity and create positive relationships at work.

Use this approach to be able to manage your time more effectively and achieve your objectives when working autonomously.


About Your FLOCK & remote working…

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