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Become better remote workers with Weekly Activities at Your FLOCK.

Welcome to Your FLOCK. This is a quick activity that will help you strengthen your core value of Result Focus at work and become a better remote worker!

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This activity was created by two award-winning Learning & Development Professionals:

Lisa Curry

Michelle Webb

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Ditching the busy badge as remote workers

In this activity, we will explore the importance of distinguishing between busy and productive for remote workers. Remember, individuals with results focus typically have high expectations of performance and measure their success by how well they achieved the identified objective.

Being busy has become a badge of honour, seen as a confirmation that we are needed for what we can do. But is busy really something to be proud of? What does busy really mean? This activity will help you distinguish between being busy and being productive so that you can better achieve the identified goals or outcomes you have. 

Activity Description

Step 1

Busy means that you are constantly engaged in activities that fill your days and keep you at or exceeding the limits of your time.

Step 2

Individuals who are busy are typically focusing on whatever captures their attention and have their hands in lots of projects. When asked to do something, a busy person’s default response is “Yes” or “I’m too busy.”

Step 3

Individuals who are productive are focused on the most important tasks they have that will drive the most value for themselves, their teams, their clients, or for their families. Productive individuals are laser-focused on what tasks they need to complete and by when and their default response to new opportunities is “No”.

Step 4

Think back across the last week. Have the tasks that you’ve been working on had more of a busy focus or a productive focus?

Is there a certain time of day when you feel more productive?

Step 5

Any of us can benefit from taking time to reflect and assess our activities to understand where and when we might be slipping into busy work versus productive, focused activities. Over the course of the next week, spend 10-15 minutes each day reflecting on the tasks you worked on and ask yourself the following questions: Was this activity necessary? (put a “B” next to busy work and a “P” next to productive tasks). Was it aligned to the most value-add things I could be doing? Did doing this task help me achieve my goal or outcome? Did I say “yes” by default?


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