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Building a passionate workforce for Dsposal

Who are they?

Dsposal is a Manchester based company with a vision to revolutionise the waste industry by using technology to connect waste producers to licensed waste facilities and to simplify compliance.

Here you can see a photo of our CEO, Michal having a meeting with Tom Passmore, the CEO & co-founder & Sophie Walker, COO and Co-founder of Dsposal.


Find out more about them visiting their website here!

How he helped them?

As a growing company they wanted to hire the best candidate who really fits into their company culture, therefore, we offered them our HR consultancy services.

How was the Process?

STEP 1: Culture Mapping

We mapped their company culture following our research-based assessment to define the core values of the business.

STEP 2: Recruit For Culture Fit

We created the screening link used to assess candidates and see how well they fit within Dsposal’s specific culture.

STEP 3: Culture Fit Reports

We created reports showing motivations of candidates and the specific impact on the unique culture of Dsposal.

What does a report look like? (I will add an image tomorrow-doesn´t let me do today)

STEP 4: Quick and smart hiring decision

Using our software Dsposal was able to identify candidates who were more motivated and committed to work in their unique company culture.

Check out how our culture report looks like here

What their company culture looks like?

We captured the uniqueness of Dsposal by creating their unique core values profile. At Dsposal people are valued and supported while maintaining a truly innovative environment where people are free to experiment and learn from their own mistakes. Tom and Sophie ingrained their own values into the business and this is why the culture they created is very caring and holistic.

Dsposal´s strong company culture underpinned by their values gives them a purpose and a direction that will help them realise their goal to be the hub for all things waste.  They know the planet´s resources are limited, but they take this idea and extend it to include time, money, customers, suppliers and colleagues.

What benefits are they getting from it?

-Improve employee retention

-Avoid Bad Hires

-Make a quicker and wiser decision based on culture fit.

What are their thoughts?

We got our company culture mapped by FLOCK as well as asking them to help with our recruitment fit. The whole process was fantastic. It made us think about who we are as a company, what were we about and what we want out of our future employees. I would recommend FLOCK, and their culture mapping and will continue to use them as part of our recruitment process in the future”

James Passmore, CEO and Co-Founder of Dsposal


Find out more about FLOCK on:

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