5 ways to boost employee experience at your company

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Firstly, what is meant by employee experience?

Employee experience sums up what people experience and perceive over the course of their occupation at an organization. It involves the culture, benefits, physical work environment, and tool’s you provide for employee success, and can be linked to revenue. In fact, companies with high employee engagement pull in 2.5 times more revenue than companies with low engagement levels.

If you’re considering advancing your talent acquisition efforts and boost employee retention rates, use these 5 tips below to maintain a great employee experience for your staff.

Apply Employee Journey Mapping

An employee journey map measures the different stages an employee experiences in their time with a company. It allows you to identify weak points and important moments where employee feedback and response is needed to close the gap from a current to a desired state. The greatest employee journey maps begin with precise outcomes, involve fundamental groups within the organization. The employee lifecycle is critical because even if you do annual employee engagement surveys, each employee is at a different stage in their journey, and it’s challenging to understand how personal experiences outline the key outcomes of employee experience like engagement, motivation, or productivity.

Increase Internal Communication

Internal communication teams do much more than just disperse company info. Encourage employees to collaborate for a frequent goal and generate a united company culture. When employees have an expanded feel of ambition, they’re more productive and become a representative for your company. Internal communication must be used for keeping a connection with your employees and gaining their trust.

Along with the workforce becoming more inadequate and mobile, internal communication is more necessary now than ever especially when working from home. Keeping remote employees engaged is crucial and providing everyone in the company the correct tools to communicate for example Slack or Zoom can assist develop employee relationships and facilitate clear communication. You can now identify your disengaged team members with the world’s 1st employee engagement tool based on values.

Design a great onboarding experience

A large number of companies don’t have a new employee orientation program, let alone an employee onboarding experience, which is crucial to employee success. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, 33 percent of new hires look for a new job within their first six months on the job and this can be largely attributed to their employee onboarding experience. Your FLOCK -a tool identifying your engaged and disengaged team members will help with this as you can get real time results and weekly feedback from your team members.

Act on employee feedback

Many organizations carry out employee engagement and feedback surveys to understand where their employees are at, but not all act on that feedback. This can backfire on employees and cause distrust. Employees are most likely to share their view and engage if they feel like they’re being heard and may stop giving feedback if they know they won’t be heard. Successful companies communicate their action plan to employees and designate a person who is responsible for implementing the changes.

Provide career development programs

Employees are most likely to remain at your company if they know there’s room for career growth. By putting programs in place to upskill your next set of leaders, you’ll gain devoted employees who recognize you’re investing in them. Managers should have an individual development plan for their employees and talk about long-term career goals at least once a year. Employees can also be given a mentor who has mastered the skill to teach them and provide feedback. This will increase employee engagement and widen your internal talent pool.

On that note I will end this off with my experience so far at Your FLOCK – The world’s 1st employee engagement platform based on values. I have realised that it is important to express and provide feedback weekly especially for us who are remote working. I have been able to freely express my views and opinions on how I feel whilst working from home and receive the support from Your FLOCK. It is also crucial to have a manager/mentor who understands (which lucky I do & a great team). In addition, it has been awesome to use the platform myself which helps me align more with my team and encourage me to reach my objectives.

If you’re ready to set yourself and team up for success with our Employee Engagement Tool based on values visit Your FLOCK today or book a chat with our CEO for a demo of your FLOCK.



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