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Improving the productivity of remote working teams

We at Your FLOCK – are all about helping remote working teams align their core values and drive more productive behaviours. 66% of remote working teams fail to reach their objectives, costing the UK economy £22bn a year. The main reason behind the cost is not the lack of hard skills but the lack of soft skills. Remote working managers struggle the most with defining the team and individual strengths; leading to demotivated and unhappy employees – affecting the performance.

Problem within the remote working industry

It took us a few years, a lot of pivots, and a lot of sweat and tears to get to identify that pain point and find the right solution for remote working teams. A digital coach for remote working teams that:

  1. Helps you define your remote working team and individuals strengths by using a  5 mins chatbot-style survey that defines your core value alignment
  2. Improves your remote working team core value alignment by nudging employees with simple weekly activities (science finds core values alignment drive productivity and employee retention).
  3. Makes sure the remote working team is more motivated and productive by sparking a small and regular behavioural change.

Solution for the remote working industry

Rising Star of the North West

Rising Stars 3.0 is the UK’s only truly national scaleup competition, designed to be accessible to the best early-stage tech companies from all areas of the country.

We have had an excellent average monthly user growth and great feedback from our remote working users. Even started working with BBC! This is why Your FLOCK is extremely happy and blessed to announce that we are recognised our services as the regional finalists of the North West. We are honoured to be picked together with the best startups in the UK.

Special thanks to Esme Caulfield, Mo Aldalou, Billy, Jill, and Rebecca Short for  organising this competition and helping with the pitch training

This is a great recognition following our recent Innovate UK grant for Machine Learning development to help remote working teams. We are looking forward to what’s behind the corner!

Esme Caulfield, Tech Nation Competitions Lead:

“Everyone knows that 2020 is a challenging year. We’re honoured that so many companies took the time to apply for Rising Stars 3.0, and are truly excited about the calibre of our Regional Winners. It’s great to see companies from every imaginable sector in the competition, and from every corner of the UK – from Aberdeen to Falmouth and everywhere in between. The 55 Rising Stars Regional Winners are companies that are proving their resilience and adaptability, building products that will support businesses and customers both now, and into the future. They are all deserving of recognition – and here at Tech Nation, we’re thrilled to celebrate and showcase them.”


About Your FLOCK fir remote working teams…

Use our Digital Coach for remote working teams to learn and get better with quick weekly activities tailored to your core values. We use research-based technology to create your unique Value Profile and become a better leader by doing our quick activities every week.

Start by signing up here or log in here if you already have an account.

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