Computers aren’t as clever as me…

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Damn straight and not yet anyway.

Your FLOCK is a team engagement platform that uses machine learning and values. In our employee engagement surveys to help your team stay together for longer. What Your FLOCK doesn’t do is use scary AI or artificial intelligence. To manipulate people or make managerial decisions for team leaders.

“The term ‘artificial intelligence’ can be applied to computer systems which are intended to replicate human cognitive functions. In particular, it includes ‘machine learning’, where algorithms detect patterns in data, and apply these new patterns to automate certain tasks.” 

(The Law Society)

We are Your FLOCK aren’t a great believer in using AI. At the time of writing, in recruitment or for making key decisions in managing people. We believe that this is for human’s to do. We believe that

“Human resources need to be humane as well as human.”

And that managing people takes technology to help the leader doing it. Not leaders to help technology. We know that AI is moving at a great pace and especially in key areas like law. As we work with small law firms and teams. To help develop their company cultures. So we know, law and technology are moving fast right now, and new AI tools are being developed to match.

The fact of the matter is that. AI is here, and there’s no going back. AI research has been around for decades. We’ve all heard about the famous Turing tests, for instance. But it’s only recently that we’ve seen AI enter into mainstream usage. The advances in medical detection are really quite impressive. As are the AI systems’ ability at playing games like GO.

And AI is everywhere. Nowadays, you can ask your phone a question and get an answer back in seconds. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to ask your car to take you to the grocery store. And have it drive you there without any input from you. Mainly due to AI. This technology is changing our lives rapidly and irrevocably.

But this doesn’t mean AI is scary or more clever than a human being when it comes to managing teams. Our machine learning system links together the potential alignment of your team. And their training modules. As well as learn from the employee engagement surveys completed.

It does so to help team leaders with their employee retention. But it doesn’t do this with any deeper understanding except what is inputted into it. That is the JOB of the manager or the team leader. To use the data and feedback provided and come up with “meaning” for it.

Your FLOCK gives you the data you need to make better choices. It doesn’t make those choices for you…


It’s an interesting question – we are on the 4th version of Your FLOCK, our team engagement platform. The other versions were:

Version 1. A company culture consultancy. With no software at all.

Version 2. A software as a service to help that consultancy and others in HR. 

Version 3. Your FLOCK our values powered team engagement platform.

What will version 4 be? Will it include some artificial intelligence? Should it? Would it be right to? It’s interesting to see what is happening in law tech to answer this question. As if you can see what lawyers are doing (surely at the pinnacle of what’s legally right.) You can also see whether AI should be used in employee engagement strategies.

Legal professionals are at a crossroads, as the future of work in the legal world is being disrupted by AI. This is exciting. Because law firms are having to grapple with how they want to shape their industry. And how they want to interact with technology. It is the same for team leaders, managers and employee engagement technologies.

The practice of law will never be the same again. Maybe neither will management. That’s why law firms (and team leaders) need to start experimenting now if they want to stay ahead of the curve. This is the same for companies and their company culture. And their employee feedback and everything.

You make the decisions – not the system.

We at Your FLOCK as a team engagement platform – see it being the same for team leaders. Our team engagement platform is here to augment the skills of team leaders. Allowing them to save time and do the most human parts of the people management of their job.

Using Your FLOCK saves you hours a month. As you can get the feedback and data you need to make decisions in minutes not months. And this is YOU making those decisions. Not the computer. Not the system. Here at Your FLOCK we help our clients get better at their jobs. Increase efficiency, happiness, productivity and improve employee retention rates.

“The happier your employees and teams are. The more they stay together. The more productive they are. The happier your clients will be too.”

Getting back to our example:

For lawyers – the good news is that artificial intelligence isn’t here to put lawyers out of work. It’s here to help them do their jobs better. AI has the potential to make paralegals’ and assistants’ tasks easier and more efficient. Which allows them to focus on higher-level work. And ensure lawyers can focus their energy on the most important parts of their cases.

So familiar for team leaders and managers.

AI also helps legal firms figure out what clients are looking for. So they can spend more time developing services. That will help them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Again – sound familiar?

So let’s relax:

AI is a tool that can be used to make us all better at our jobs. No matter which industry we / you are in. And before we have AI – you can use machine learning in our team engagement tool Your FLOCK.

To help your team stay together for longer.

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