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Employee engagement at digital agencies is more important than ever. Turnover is at an all time high and costs the industry around £184 million a year. Improving engagement is something which can help you address this problem and save you thousands. As such, now more than ever, you need to understand how to keep employees motivated if you want to maintain a competitive edge.

Communication and employee engagement

Perhaps one of the most important factors in maintaining employee engagement is improving communication within your agency. As mentioned in our previous blog post, the rise of slack and flexible working has lead to a decline in face-to-face communication. Whilst these are positive introductions at agencies, the impact of a decline in real life communication is significant. Many who are the most successful in business understand the importance of face-to-face communication. In order to improve employee engagement at your agency, you should consider how you can best manage the impact of the decline in this.

One of our recent project resulted in walking 1:1 meetings! Having your meetings outside while walking creates a completly different environment outside of the office and thus sparks unique conversations. It’s definitely worth a try but perhaps we just missed the right time of the year to do it (especially if you live in Manchester!)

How can you manage communication?

One of the ways in which you can most successfully manage communication (and employee engagement) at your agency is to lead by example. Set dedicated hours where you respond via email and slack, and ensure that you also actively engage in face-to-face communication with employees. Another way to improve communication between yourself and employees, is to understand what motivates them. You may already use tools which monitor engagement within your team, but often these don’t provide deeper insights. If you know that your employees are not engaged, but don’t understand why, it is difficult to make any effective or meaningful changes.

Using FLOCK to improve your communication 

By using FLOCK Culture Assessments, you can learn how to keep your employees engaged. FLOCK measures the factors which motivate people, and so, you can harness this to communicate more effectively. For example, if an employee is motivated by being given individual responsibility, it will not necessarily be effective to solely reward them financially. Understanding what motivates your employees, and communicating in a complimentary way, is key in keeping them engaged in their role. Once you know how you can do this, you unlock the secret to improving your company.

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