Exciting times as tech legend Chris Marsh joins Your FLOCK as our new brand ambassador.

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At Your FLOCK we have a belief that your connections are paramount to the amount of value you can bring to the world. That not only is the team and their engagement with each other important. But the individual’s values are too. And their alignment together brings out the best in people and the best for your business too.

As according to Qualatrics new report:

“Employees who say their company’s mission, vision and values align with their own. Are far more likely to recommend their employer as a great place to work.  (70% vs. 25%). And to say their work gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment (72% vs. 29%.)

So it was amazing when we put up an offer of a new role here at Your FLOCK. For someone to become a brand ambassador for us.

Someone to be an extra face out there. Representing our team engagement platform www.yourflock.co.uk.

To network and chat to lawyers and those in the legal sector. On how with our software they can help their team leaders and managers keep their teams together. And retain their employees and top talent.

As we never knew who was going to say YES.


Now it was lovely to get lots of people we didn’t know applying for our part time role at Your FLOCK. And giving more time and resources we would have loved to hire more than one person for the role. But unexpectedly, a true legend of the Manchester tech scene wanted to take on the mantle as part of his new agency.

And like EVERYONE that joins Your FLOCK. Chris did his Your FLOCK Survey. To use our team engagement platform to see how our values aligned. And the good news that is he a great values fit with Dan and Michal!

Chris is Director at Agents Of which is a Freelance business development agency. And so we could only give the role to him. As someone that the founders of Your FLOCK have known for years. Chris has worked in the tech industry for the last 22 years. Servicing the creative and digital industry predominantly in Manchester and surrounding areas. He is so well known on the networking scene.

He is a lynchpin for more than one or two different organisations and events. With Dan Sodergren joking:

“Is there anyone that Chris doesn’t know in Manchester?”

And so it was just amazing timing and with luck that we have managed to get Chris to work with us here at Your FLOCK. Following a long line of amazing investors, board members and advisers and consultants over our 5 year story.


We at Your FLOCK have been really lucky with our dream team creating our team engagement platform. To help employee engagement and team dynamics. 

Including the many different learning and development practitioners and professionals. From around the world that helped us build Your FLOCK v2. With our learning and development modules. Powered now by machine learning thanks to Inevitable.

So it’s great news to have Chris on board. As Chris with his multiple roles for different non competing tech companies in Manchester. As he has a mission to help the region succeed. As Chris says:

“There has been such significant growth in the technology sector since 2000. As everyone will know, working with businesses to see how they’ve made the most of this constant change has been fascinating. And I’ve loved being part of it. My plan is to continue to help the existing and new businesses to grow in whatever way I can to make this part of the world even more successful.”

Which aligns nicely with our Your FLOCK mission to help a million people be happier at work. As Michal Wisniewski founder of Your FLOCK says: 

“Getting someone like Chris on board to help with our business development is great news. And will help us at Your FLOCK reach our targets and help as many law firms as possible retain their best talent.”

Presently, Chris works with a handful of businesses. Including Your FLOCK as a Brand ambassador. Raising their profiles in specific sectors online and offline. And he will be “banging the drum” for our team together programme. And team engagement platform from now.

Past client’s of Agents Of includes:

  • app developer Apadmi, 
  • software developers Webantic, 
  • digital marketing agency Cube3, 
  • e-commerce agency Space 48, 
  • creative communications agency SKV, 
  • broadband provider Telcom, 
  • web technology agency JB Cole 
  • and growth agency Six and Flow.

As Chris says: 

“My career to date has all been about building relationships and with Agents Of, I’ll be a brand ambassador for my clients, brokering relationships for them with new commercial partners. The Agents Of businesses are all strong players in their fields and looking to grow. I’ll be helping to build their brands exclusively within their specialism”.

So if you see him around Manchester.

Do say hi. He might even be coming to our next event online. All about being authentic – which Chris definitely is. 

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