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Your FLOCK is joining the Machine Learning Sector

We’ve got some exciting news to share!

Your FLOCK is now officially entering the Machine Learning sector! After spending long hours working on submitting the application for the Sustainable Innovation Fund we’ve finally received an Offer Letter sponsoring Your FLOCK in taking its technology to the next level, an AI level.

We feel honored to be selected as we know how competitive these schemes get. This is a huge break for Your FLOCK as we have only pivoted our solution in June 2020 and this funding will significantly improve and accelerate our development.

With £100,000 from Innovate UK, we are now looking to find a further £140,000 from private investment. We have already secured a commitment of £50,000 from GC Angels so we are now looking to raise the remaining £90,000 by the end f this year.

Your FLOCK is adding new personal development features to its Team Coach

Thanks to this investment we are now going to add the following new features to our Team Digital Coach:

  • Machine Learning-based Team digital coach suggesting weekly activities to remote teams designed to improve their collective performance.
  • New UX/Design of our platform
  • Team Leader dashboard allowing to quickly analyse team performance at a glance
  • Many more new activities and challenges on our platform designed to help you feel more motivated at work

Your FLOCK is recruiting

Your FLOCK is also growing, we’ve recently hired Artur Grzybowski from Happski. Artur is an ex-CTO from Immotion Group and an excellent designer. He will visually translate the purpose and the potential of the platform, through many UI/UX/Design and product management activities to help us grow, develop, and scale. We are very excited to have Artur on board!

We are now also looking for a new front end developer to join our team to help us translate Artur’s design into our platform and support our Dev Team. If you are interested – please complete the survey below to first show us what drives you to work so we can analyse your impact on our culture.

Complete Your Values Survey here to apply for our Front End Developer Job.

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