Flock is Growing… Our New Member – Sandy Lindsay MBE!

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Our Flock is Growing

A flock becomes a flock only once it reaches its critical mass. We cannot call ourselves a flock if there are not at least three of us…

This is why we are extremely happy to announce that we have a new member joining our team – Sandy Lindsay MBE!

Sandy is a great fit for our company culture and has a huge number of achievements. Here you can find the endless list of Sandy’s achievements so far.

Sandy Lindsay MBE

Here you can find the endless list of Sandy’s achievements so far. The highlights include:

  • Sandy has been honoured by the Queen herself for services to business and people.
  • She’s been named the North West Director of the Year.
  • Together with Sarah Halton they turned their own agency – TangerinePR – into Employee Owned, creating 60+ partners in the firm.
  • She set up the first social media apprenticeship academy in the UK called The Juice Academy.
  • She created more than 250 roles for young people in leading businesses across the UK.
  • You can call her an Ambassador, Vice-Chair, Chair, NED but she prefers Sandy.

Our Story

I first met Sandy a few months ago at a 9others event in Manchester where we shared problems we face within our businesses. Sandy is passionate about creating quality career opportunities. Once she found out that we help people excel at their jobs by creating engaged cultures, she was in.

At first, Sandy agreed to become my mentor and really helped me in finding the right people to define and improve our solution. Once the Tangerine office started to feel like my second office, we both realised that Sandy should become an integral part of our company because of the value she was bringing.

Truth be told, one of the first things she told me was that we need to change our company name…


What Does It Mean for Flock?

For me, Sandy joining our team symbolises:

1. Further validation and expansion for Flock.

2. Growth – Sandy is a PR expert, she knows the industry inside out and culture means exactly the same thing as the internal brand. I believe that with Sandy’s help, Flock will be able to add value to the industry of branding. We are bringing the concept of building brands inside-out to life and making sure employees identify themselves with their employer’s core values.

Personally, I’m very excited for the future of Flock. It certainly looks brighter with Sandy on board!

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