Introducing Karen Jones from Denison Consulting

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Karen Jones.  

Karen Jones has been using Your FLOCK our team engagement platform with Denison Consulting. And was our original idea champion in the business after we met her at a Protiviti and Robert Half event. All about the future of work and remote working. 

Where her wisdom and kindness shone through.

We knew one day she would use Your FLOCK and now she does so. Karen works closely with clients and certified partners to turn what is often ambiguous and intangible, into something energising and productive.

She helps organisations define the high performance culture they are seeking to create in order to drive their business results, through aligning people to their strategy and ensuring they are able to deliver the promises they make to their customers.

She works in the boardroom and the shop floor to align corporate cultures and leadership climates. And works with teams to build their strategic clarity and create an environment that builds commitment. She is the managing director for Denison Consulting Europe.


Denison works with clients to explore their organisational culture to define the current state and to prioritise action to drive business delivery.

And so we should not be surprised that their core values are around: Caring, Teamwork and as consultants Autonomy is important too.  

Or that they have one of the highest alignment scores on the Your FLOCK team engagement platform.

And that’s whooping 63% of your employees provided feedback for their reports. 

We should not be surprised by this as a business their company is built on feedback and data with them even running certification programmes for those who wish to use the Denison Organisational Culture Survey.

The Denison Organisational Culture survey and Leadership Development Assessments enable an organisation to understand their current culture and the collective strength of their leaders and employees, making explicit what previously may have appeared ambiguous and unmanageable.

As they realise that recognising an organisation’s ability to grow, operate efficiently and produce quality products and services is dependent on an aligned workforce, with the capacity to both innovate and execute.

Denison’s mission is to boost the performance of organisations by improving their corporate culture and leadership. And we are very proud that they use Your FLOCK as part of their tool kit to help employee retention and to understand company cultures. 

Her goal.

“My goal,” says Karen, “is to transform the ambiguous and unmanageable within organisations into something energising and productive. As we help align corporate culture and staff behaviours with organisational priorities and personal goals, organisations see significant growth.”

“I am at my best working with teams to create a unique ‘space’ where they can explore personal defences and choices that often maintain division and inefficient decision making.” 

Whilst according to her clients, Karen “gets to the nub of a situation quickly and asks insightful and thought-provoking questions to help bring clarity and understanding.”

Which is something we at Your FLOCK know is true. 

Have a listen yourself to her wise words at our event. With Protiviti and Robert Half those many moons ago. 

As they say themselves on the website.

“In this session, our culture gurus Karen Jones from Denison Consulting, Steve Buck from Glint and Dan Sodergren from Your FLOCK joined us to unpack and debate the future of culture.”

Have a listen. We think they did a rather good job of it.

Especially Karen.

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