Are you fit for work? How this is the wrong question and what the #MPABigDebate proved right …

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It is always nice to be asked to talk with other peers around the future of work and remote working for

The MD of The IF Agency and MPA Chair, Christian James, chaired the debate, putting some timely questions to the panel.

Which was myself and the some really interesting and clever people.


Liane Grimshaw with over 25 years experience in the creative and digital industries. She’s managed teams from 5 to 95 people during her career. She is the founder and MD of content marketing agency SupaReal.

Andrew Cooke the strategic director of Bruntwood Works – a key commentator on the changing demands of office workers and how to design buildings that put customers’ needs at the forefront, as well as what is next for the office market.

Seb Randle famous and growing Manchester agency Social Chain’s first ever development coach in September 2020 where he sits within The Happiness Team, committed to supporting the 130 strong Manchester office with their personal development.

So some amazing people to discuss this topic about the future of work post covid. With the title:

“MPA Big Debate: Are you fit for work?”

But before we start.

Remember this is NOT normal remote working or homeworking. This has been a year of a global viral pandemic. Where an airborne, invisible and highly contagious alien creature. The likes of which the world has never seen – has killed the weak and infirm of the globe and brought the world to its knees.

Financially, economically, almost socially and spiritually.

Through this time, much of which we spent in cowering in lock down unable to see other human beings. Including our dearest loved ones. We have all been working. Home working. Working remotely.

Some of us with children homeschooling. Some of us not.

We have all been through a traumatic event. As Liane from Supra Real rightly pointed out.

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But throughout this.

And the UK government’s mishandling of it all. Billions being lost and hundreds of thousands of lives being lost too.

Many of us have kept working.

Productivity is UP.

Not down.

Only people with a vested interest in the future of the office – will tell you otherwise.

Productivity is UP.

But mental health is down.

It should be. We have been through a LOT. And much of it – not together.

So… The title for the MPA missed the point. In several ways…

Many of us. Have been working. And working hard. Many of us.

Remote working. Working from home. Productivity has gone up for some. Over 50% of people say they liked working like this. Remember that’s during lockdown! Separated from our loved ones and fearing for our lives… Productivity has gone UP.

But one thing HAS gone down. A by-product of not being in the same space.

Employment Engagement is down.

Employees that are more engaged are more productive. That’s a fact. As plain as day is day. But another fact, which is a bit more opaque is that the illusive quality of engagement has gone down. Why?

Employee Engagement has suffered. As the office was THE cornerstone of company culture for many. Your cool office has gone? Are you still a cool company? A lot of companies know that a LOT of their appeal was their office. And their way of getting employee engagement was getting people INSIDE the office itself.

Why is a lack of employee engagement a problem?

As lack of engagement means people are more likely to leave Your company or business. This is the real problem.

“Did you know that 34% of people leave a company due to not liking the company culture. But more than double that give the reason for leaving as bad management or a lack of leadership. (At around 75%)”

This lack of leadership. And lack of connection. Which affects engagement. Due to covid and new macro trends. Means that now twice as many people are looking to move jobs. Even higher in the USA where it’s more than half the people surveyed are looking to move.

52 percent of employees are planning to look for a new job this year. A 43 percent increase from 2020 and 2019.”

This is a gear change for the world of work.

The best talent will leave companies in droves. And the THING that gets people to work for a company is its culture and it’s purpose and mission.

As Lianne Grimshaw said from SupraReal at the MPA event. And all the panel agreed to a lessen extent. People and motivation. It is not money.

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As people would go to a company that pays less but is more flexible.

It is not rewards and recognition. That people crave.

It’s working somewhere where people truly like each other.

Share the same values. Are on a mission. And want to see each other.

How do we know this?

Because purpose driven companies financially outperform non purpose driven companies by 300%. Look at Apple for goodness’s sake…

But we are not all Apple – so what can You / we do?

That is for part 2.

What can we do about the #futureofwork?

One thing you can DO is investigate and discover your company culture. From a true data driven feedback lead pov.

Not just a hunch. Not just about what you think it is.

Not just a feeling.

As in the end – its data. It’s something you CAN investigate and discover. Sign up to YourFLOCK and our waiting list and make sure your team discovers its values.



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