10 Top Workplace Lessons learned From COVID-19 – Shaping Our Company Culture.

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10 Top Workplace Lessons learned From COVID-19 and Remote Working – Shaping Our Company Culture will discuss:

  • The top 10 workplace lessons FLOCK have learnt. 
  • Problems and obstacles we have faced and adapted to working from home.
  • Finally, advice and support on how you can adapt to remote working to improve employee engagement and productivity.


Covid-19 has been one of, if not the biggest workplace transformation accelerators known to this century. Depending on the industry in which you work, the extent to which it has affected you will vary. For us, Covid-19 has taught us lessons in abundance. As a result, it has adapted our working style and company culture. This has been for the better. And, most probably forever.


So, what have we learned whilst working remote?

  • Flexibility and to respect employee responsibilities outside of work.  Agile working is a new way of working we have adopted. Everybody has a life outside of work and different responsibilities. We respect that. Our company culture is shaped by the members of our team.


  • Remote working definitely has its benefits but is not for everyone.  After long periods of time, human beings naturally can feel lonely and isolated working from home. For some individuals human face-to-face interaction is necessary to stay engaged. As workplace environments are now starting to reopen, it is important to allow agile working. Some members of your team may want to return to work. Whilst others may want to stay remote or even a mixture of both.


  •  It takes time to find the appropriate programmes/technology to fit your team. This may take time to experiment but is worth the investment. At the start of lockdown we used Google Meet but now, we use Zoom. As we find the sound is better quality. We have also adopted the use of Trello to keep tasks organised. We all have access to the same Trello board. This allows us to see what each other is up to.


  • Communication is vital to keep everybody engaged. Plus, a good way to motivate your team to stay productive. Always promote a happy work culture. We meet at 9am and catch up every morning throughout the week. We all take it in turns to communicate three tasks that we want to achieve that day. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other. Also, to stress any problems or ask for help if we did it.


  • Social media, particularly LinkedIn has been a great way to network/keep in touch with colleagues. How would we have coped without social media during lockdown? LinkedIn especially has been a fantastic platform to network remotely. Also, to learn new skills as many professionals have been kind during lockdown and shared their knowledge online. Social media has the power to open many doors for a business and build a personal brand, utilise it! 



  • Self motivation isn’t for everyone. But shared values and goals are. Every individual is different and will require different management approaches. And, that is ok. What’s most important is the alignment of values and goals throughout a business. As it supports decision-making processes and provides clarity. Shared values create purpose, shape company culture and identity. 


  • Your workspace and personal space is more important to define and invest in than ever. You spend more time working then you do anything else. Which makes it vital to be comfortable in the environment you work. And I don’t just mean physically comfortable. Mentally, as well. Are you happy? Does your workspace inspire you? Do you feel as though you can work to the best of your ability at home or in a shared office? If no, make changes! There is no time like the present. 


  • Employee mental health and wellbeing is important, some people need additional support in times of crisis. Happy employees equal productive employees. Communicate with each other and support each other, we are all in this together. For example, we have introduced wellness Wednesday at FLOCK. We spend time talking with each other or utilising online health resources whilst working remote. 


  • Collaboration is the key to success. Team work really does make the dream work. Remember the old saying… “Two heads are better than one”.



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