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Welcome to Your FLOCK. This is a quick activity that will help you strengthen your core value of Personal growth at work and become better at remote work!

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Remote working – Have an Extremely Productive Day

Jeff Haden in his book, The Motivation Myth, provides us with simple tips that will help us have an Extremely Productive Day by breaking out of our usual routine.

This activity will help you get more work done in a working day!

This exercise suggests a new way of working routine that will make you more productive this week.

Activity Description

Step 1

Prepare your lunch a day before your Extremely Productive Day so you don’t waste time the next day.

On the day, try to start a day a bit earlier than usual to break you out of your usual routine.

Step 2

Whenever you have a break between your tasks make this break a productive one to stimulate the momentum of accomplishment.

Pick a few productive tasks you enjoy doing, like taking a dog for a walk, washing dishes, or exercising. 

Step 3

Take breaks at counterintuitive moments. For example, before you are about to start working on something exciting.

So when you come back you are energised to start your task.

Productive and counterintuitive breaks will create a sense of accomplishment once completed. Stimulating dopamine in your brain and helping you come back to work being even more productive.


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